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About globe valve

Friends, I have told about globe valve in this post, if you want to get information, then you can get information about globe valve by reading the post completely.

About Globe Valve

Globe valves are used to control both liquids and gases, so they are mostly used in piping.
It is called a globe valve because the center of its body is like a globe, or it can also be called an oval.
This valve you can find in most companies Food Industry, Pharma Industry, Petroleum Plant, Refinery Plant etc. to be seen.

Globe Valve

It is used to control the flow of petrol plant petrol. Similarly, in other plants, it is done to control the flow of some or the other liquid or liquid.

While using this globe valve, a stem has to be used to control the flow.

A hand wheel is installed at the top of the stem, which, when turned clockwise, causes the stem to move clockwise, and lowers the flow. Similarly, when the hand wheel is turned anticlockwise, the stem moves up and allows the fluid to pass through.

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Types of Globe Valve

It is mainly of three types-

1.’Z’ type

This type of globe valve is used where the flow pressure is to be reduced. It is also called ‘T’ type valve.

2.’Y’ type

It is used to reduce pressure.

3.Angle Type

This type of valve is used to control the flow as well as change the direction.
Angle type globe valve is used when the fluid is to be moved by turning 90° along with the flow control at some point.

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