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About lathe, what is lathe, how many types it is, its main parts and

What is a lathe?

A lathe is a machine in which a job is rotated on the spindle axis, then the cutting tool moves in a linear motion parallel to this axis, perpendicularly or at any other angle and performs the cutting process on the tool job. The cutting process that occurs in this way is called turning. By this we can construct plane, cylindrical, and conical surfaces. Apart from this, we also do the processes of drilling, reaming, threading, boring etc. on the lathe machine. Nowadays we can do milling, grinding, shaping and super finishing processes like honing etc. on a lathe machine using some special attachments. Lathe machine is used to make small and large objects.

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lathe machine Safety Precautions While Working

  1. Tie the job tightly to the chuck.
  2. Don’t forget to remove the Chuck ‘key’ after attaching the job to the chuck.
  3. The gear should not be changed on a moving machine.
  4. Tie the tool to the tool post at the appropriate height.
  5. When attaching the tool to the tool post, cover the bottom of the tool to the full length, otherwise the tool may break while tightening.
  6. Before taking off the lathe chuck, a block of wood should be placed on the bed.
  7. The tool should not protrude beyond the tool post and a small tool should not be used.
  8. Do not try to stop the moving machine by hand.
  9. One should not try to measure the moving time of the job.
  10. Do not attempt to actuate the nut on the job with a spanner or pipe wrench on a moving machine.
  11. Too heavy cut should not be applied on long and thin jobs, because the job can come out from the center by crooked.
  12. Do not move away from the machine by applying an automatic cut, as the tool may collide with the machine chuck.
  13. To file the job, use a file with a strong handle.
  14. Before cutting the bangle, an undercut should be made and the tool should be withdrawn rapidly.
  15. Use a coolant for metals other than cast iron.
  16. Limit the cutting speed according to the metal of the job and the condition of the cutting tool.
  17. Check by rotating the motor before running the lathe.

lathe Structural Characteristics of the Machine

  1. To provide round motion to the job.
  2. To provide feed by holding the cutting tool in the direction of rotation of the job.
  3. different types of operations to do To make arrangements for accessories and attachments.

What are the types of lathe machine

These are of the following types on the basis of structure and design-

  1. speed lathe
  2. center lathe
  3. production lathe
  4. special purpose lathe

Lathe Machine Parts

  • Lathe Bed
  • head stock
  • tail stock
  • carriage
  • tool post
  • main spindle
  • lags
  • tray

who invented the lathe machine

lathe machine rate

lathe machine price

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