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About Marking Media, What is Marking Media, what are its types,

Marking Media kya hai in hindi:- Marking media is a coating or paste, which is marked by applying it on the surface of the required job. Friends, welcome to my website, I have written in this post What is Marking Media? Its types and uses have been told, if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is Marking Media?

“Before marking a job, a suitable color or a similar substance is applied to the surface of the job, which is Marking Media They say.”

this in hindi language marking coating it is said. It is similar to a paste, so it is applied to the job. After this the paste or coating is dried. Then marking is done with the help of scriber according to the drawing on the job. If we do not put marking media or marking coating on the job. and mark. Then we will not see clear marking on the job. Therefore it must be used.

Types of Marking Media

These are of four types, which are as follows-

1.Persian Blue

This type of marking media takes a long time to dry. But its layer is made very finely on the surface of the job. Due to which the marking is very clear and accurate. It is used on the surfaces to be machined.

2. white dyeing

It is used on casting or forging surfaces. It is most commonly used. Because it is easily available. It is not used for more precise marking, as it has a thick coating on the surface of the job. For more precise marking, a thin layer should be formed on the surface of the job. About this, let me tell you something else, that this marking media is made by mixing the following-

  • Ordinary chalk is made by dissolving it in methylated spirits.
  • Simple black board is made by dissolving chalk in water.
  • Red lead powder is made by dissolving it in turpentine.
  • White lead powder is made by dissolving turpentine oil.

It is made by mixing four types, but out of these, the solution made by adding water is used less in precision works, because its use causes rust, which will not work in precision. Therefore, a solution made in spirit or turpentine oil should be used in precision places.


Known as Neela Thoth, it is used only on steel jobs and on finishing or finishing jobs. Through this marking can be done in accuracy. To make this paste, tutia is mixed with water. After this, a few drops of sulfuric acid are added to make it more active.

The use of tutia mixed with lime is used for painting or painting the walls of the house.

4.lay-out die

Also known as cellulose lacquer, it is used on finishing surfaces. This marking media dries very quickly. Its use gives very clear marking.

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