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About reamer, what is reamer, what metal is it made of, its main parts,

What is Reamer?

This is a multi point cutting tool. By which making the inner surface of the pre-prepared hole more refined and increasing the size of the hole slightly to provide accuracy for a particular fitting.
It cuts metal in very small quantities (about 0.02-0.15 mm). Reaming allowance is given while drilling or boring. Sometimes reaming is divided into two steps. Rough reaming is done in the first stage, followed by finished reaming in the second stage.

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reamer material

High carbon steel and high speed steel are used to make it. But when a reamer is made in two parts, the shank of the reamer is made of carbon steel and the cutting part is made of high speed steel. These parts are joined by butt welding. Apart from this, some other substances such as:- carbide, high cobalt alloy steel are also used to make them. High cobalt alloy steel is used for reaming titanium and stainless steel.

main parts of reamer

It has many cutting edges. The part which has the cutting edge is called the body of the reamer. There is a shank on the top of the body which is taper or parallel. And the ends of the reamer are chamfered to allow it to enter the hole. They have three main parts-


The main part of any reamer is its body. There are many flutes on the body, the part between the flutes is called the land. There is a margin behind the land which runs from the angle of the chamfer to the back end of the flute. After the margin, there is body clearance on the land.


This is the upper part of the body of the reamer which is plain. From this part, the reamer is rotated by holding it in a machine or wrench etc. Some reamers have a square top. This square head can be turned by holding it in a tape wrench.


In the lower part of the body, the chamfer is given at a particular angle in such a way that the chamfer cutting Edge There should be some body clearance at the rear. This allows the cutting edge to cut metal.

benefits of reamer

  1. By this the finishing of small holes is also possible.
  2. By this high quality surface finishing is achieved.
  3. This gives dimensional precision to the nearest range.

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