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About tap wrench, what is a tap wrench, what are its types

One tap A wrench is a hand tool used to make screw threads. These tools usually have a removable bit called a tap, although some heavy-duty models have a fixed end. These taps have threads that make them look like bolts. The user uses a tap wrench by drilling a hole in the surface with a secondary tool, then screwing the tap into the hole. There are two main styles of tap wrenches; The double-ended wrench looks like a screw driver with a tap on either end, and a cross bar at the top of the T-handle, allowing for greater torque when it is used.

What is a tap wrench?

“Tap by hand or reamer A special tool is required to rotate tap wrench They say”.

This wrench has a groove to hold the tang of the tap or reamer and handles are made on both sides. Holding the handle with both the hands, it is rotated making balance.

type of tap wrench

  1. solid tap wrench
  2. Adjustable Tap Wrench
  3. ‘T’ Handle Tap Wrench

Solid Tap Wrench

The handle of this wrench is made by cutting through a plate of mild steel, which has one or two square holes in the middle, in which a fixed size tang can be trapped, so it is called solid tap wrench it is said.

Adjustable Tap Wrench

There are two jaws in the middle of this wrench, one of which is fixed and the other is moving. It is attached to the handle. This jaw moves back and forth when the handle is turned round. And ‘V’ is made in both the jaws, when they meet, a square is formed.
In this square the tang of the tap or reamer is hooked. Many sizes of tangs can be caught with this wrench, so it adjustable tap wrench it is said.

‘T’ Handle Tap Wrench

A chuck is attached to this handle to hold the tang, many sizes of taps can be caught by this chuck.
Its handle is well above the tap wrench, so it can tap into a hole even at depth.

due to tap break

  1. The job is tied high or loosely to the vice.
  2. More pressure on the tap while tapping From on rotating.
  3. At the time of tapping, there is a difference in the balance of both the hands on the handle of the tap.
  4. Not using proper tap wrench.
  5. tap Wearing out of the cutting teeth.
  6. Job hole not at right angles to the surface.
  7. Not using proper lubrication.
  8. Do not take out the cut chips during tapping.

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