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About the groover, what it is used for, and what are the seams called

Friends, in today’s post I have told you about hand groover and seam etc. If you want to get information, then read the post completely, then let’s start.

hand groover

After making a seam in the metal sheet, it is necessary to lock the seam properly otherwise the joint will loosen and open. Therefore, a groover is used to close the seam.

By this, for closing and locking, first the seam is placed on a support and closed with a mallet. And after this, placing a slant groover over the closed seam and hammering it. and guide from the side of the groover to close the seam.

Who are you calling a seam?

“To join the edges of a metal sheet, the edges of the sheet are folded and stuck together, which is called seam They say.”

type of seam

It is of the following types-

1.Lap Seam

The easiest type of joint is made by this. In this, the joining edges are joined by soldering or brazing action by placing them on top of each other or by interlacing them. This seam is used in cylindrical or conical jobs or objects.

2.Grooved Seam

In this, both the sides of the metal sheet are folded in such a way that they get stuck together. The joint is then locked in place by a groover.

3.Double Grooved Seam

The joint made from it is used for roofing and for panelling. To make this, the edges of the sheets are folded and they are trapped in another folded sheet.

4.Single Seam

It is used for bottoming of buckets or cans etc. Hence this joint is called paned down joint. add this To After making, soldering or soldering action is done to make it leak proof.

5.Double Seam

If a joint made of single seam is made vertical, then this joint is called double seam joint. And the joint becomes more powerful once its edges are folded over.

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