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About the type of coolant. How many types are these? and use

Coolant ke prakar in hindi :- Welcome My Website- iticourse.com Friends, in this post I have told about the type of coolant.

Types of coolant

These are as follows-

1. Air

It is used as a coolant to cool electric motors and engines. It is also used as a coolant for machining cast iron.


It is also known as soluble oil. This type of coolant is cheap and easy to obtain. But using only water as a coolant will rust the parts of the machine. Therefore, soap or oil is mixed with water and used.

3.gaseous liquid

This type of coolant is rarely used. Because it is more expensive. Fog is best used as a gaseous liquid.
Freon, helium and carbon dioxide etc. are also used as coolants.

4.Artificial Cooling

This type of coolant is made by mixing several types of chemical agents. These types of coolants are made by humans themselves by mixing them in certain proportions. That’s why it is called artificial coolant. Generally artificial coolant and water in the ratio of 1: 50 to 1: 250 are used.

5.Cutting Fluid

“Cutting fluids are substances used as lubrication to keep hot jobs, cutting tools and metal shavings cool while performing the cutting process on a machine.” It is also known as coolant.


Friends, nowadays there is some machine in our house, house, for which proper type of coolant is used to run it. Out of which mobil oil is used to keep the engine cool.

type of oil

These are of the following three types-

(i) soluble oil

This type of oil is made by mixing anti-corrosion, non-foaming and wetting agents in mineral oil.

(ii)pure oil

No impurities are added to this type of oil, be it mineral oil, or fix oil. These types of oils are obtained from vegetable oil (eg – linseed oil), animal oil (eg – pig fat oil) etc.

(iii) Chemical Cutting Fluid

This oil is used more in the grinding and sawing process. These types of oils dissolve easily in water. And they are also anti-corrosion, that is, resist corrosion. And it has the ability to keep the cutting tool cool for a long time. It is also known as synthetic cutting fluid.

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