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About the type of washer. What and where are they used for?

Washer ke prakar in hindi:- Welcome My Website- iticourse.com Friends, I have given complete information about the types of washers in this post.

type of washer

These are of the following types-

1.Plain Washers

This type of washer is made of mild steel. It is of round shape. And there is also a hole in between them.
The diameter, bore diameter and thickness of the washer are proportional to the diameter of the bolt. And these types of washers are used on flat surfaces to increase the touch area under the bolt assembly.

2.Tooth Lock Washers

Teeth are made in the holes between these types of washers. While using them, first of all tighten the nuts by placing washers at the bottom. And then twist their teeth. These bent teeth lock the nut. Due to which the nut does not loosen even due to vibration or shock. Hence these same washers are always used to lock the nut.

3.Spring Washers

These washers are always made of spring steel or carbon steel. And these washers have two parts. One end of which is downwards and the other end is upwards. And even with the use of them, the nut does not loosen even if there is vibration and jerk in the nut. But they are used where there is a lot of shock or vibration.

4.Tab Washers

These washers are used to lock the nut. It is also known as chamfered washer. It has one or two tabs. And when using these the tabs are twisted after tightening the nuts. And the nut is locked.

5.Tapered Washers

This type of washers are used where the assembling part is in taper.

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