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About the types of reamers, there are many types of reamers. And what metal are they made of?

Types of Reamer

The reamer is used by hand or by turning by machine. On the basis of this, it is of two types-

(1.)hand reamer

These types of reamers have a square tang over the shank. We can easily hold this square tang in the groove made in a wrench or handle and easily turn by hand. Most hand reamers cut when the clockwise is rotated. The helix of the helix flute reamer is on the left. Its shank is parallel. And most reamer hand reamers have abnormal teeth to reduce irritability when reaming. There are following types of hand reamers:

(a.) Parallel Hand Reamer

Its body is cylindrical, on which parallel flutes are made. These flutes are straight or helical. This type of reamer has a chamfer at the bottom of the body, so that it can easily enter the drilled hole. Metal from 0.05 to 0.125 mm can be cut by this.

(b.)taper hand reamer

The body of this reamer is conical, with any standard taper provided. Its body has straight or helical flutes. It is used to provide taper in holes for taper pins. And to taper the drill hole, first rough reamer is used and later finishing is done by fine reamer.

(c.)pilot hand reamer

In this, a pilot is made at the end of the body to guide the reamer straight into the hole. It is the size of the pilot hole and keeps the reamer straight.

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(d.)Adjustable Hand Reamer

The body of this reamer has slots in the taper into which the cutting blade made in the same taper can slide. Thus the cutting edges of the reamer remain parallel to each other. To hold these blades, two specially designed nuts are tightened into the bangles on the body of the reamer. Between them are the cutting blades. If the blades on the body are adjusted downwards, the size of the reamer is reduced. The blades are adjusted upwards in the reamer to increase the size. Because any size of this reamer can be adjusted, it is called adjustable hand reamer.

(e.) expansion hand reamer

The body of this reamer is split and there is a taper hole at the lower end in which the threads are cut. It is fitted with a bangle taper plug. The body expands when the plug is tightened. Expansion reamer is useful for reaming large size holes.

(f.)Taper Pin Hand Reamer

In many machines, a taper pin is used to make a semiparamanant joint between the shaft and the hub. These taper pins are available in the market in standard taper. According to the taper of these taper pins, taper reamers are available in the market. These taper reamers convert the drilled holes into taper holes. These reamers are of both straight flutes and helical flutes.

(2.)machine reamer

These are used by reamer machines. This type of reamer is mostly of a taper shank with a flat tang on it. This taper shank fits into the machine spindle. The flat tang gets caught in the spindle and fixes it with the spindle.

(a.) Rose Machine Reamer

Its lower end is chamfered in 45°, due to this cutting, only the lower end of the reamer does the cutting. That is why clearance is not given on its land. It is used for rough reaming before hand reaming.

(b.)Jig Machine Reamer

This reamer is guided by the guide bush attached to the jig plate, hence it is called jig reamer. Between the shank and the body of this reamer, a cylindrical surface is created for some length of time, similar to the diameter of the guide bush. This surface remains inside the guide bush when reaming, which ensures accuracy in the location of the reamer. It is used for mass production.

(c.) Shell Machine Reamer

The body of this reamer is hollow and taper from inside, in which an arbor is fitted and the reamer is used. The front of the arbor tapers in line with the taper of the body of the reamer. The snug or pin of the arbor fits into the snug hole in the body. The body of the reamer is turned by the arbor itself. The same arbor can be used for multiple sizes or for the reamer body of the shell. This shell reamer is used for larger size reamers.

(d.) Fluted Machine Reamer

These reamers have more number of flutes, which have margin and body clearance on the land. By this a pure and more finished surface is obtained. For greater accuracy, a guide is also attached to them.

(e.)Adjustable Machine Reamer

The principle and structure of this type of reamer is similar to that of an adjustable hand reamer. Its blades can be pulled out and sharpened and can be adjusted to any size with the help of two guide nuts. It is of two types-

  1. Parallel
  2. taper

(f.)taper machine reamer

These reamers fit directly into the spindle of the machine. Their body is in taper, it reamer of taper hole. and taper to reamer hole In the first step drilling is done. After this rough reaming and later finishing reaming is done.

Specifications of Reamer

It is necessary to know four things at the time of buying it or choosing it for any process.

  • Reamer Type- Hand Reamer or Machine Reamer.
  • Shank Type- Taper Shank or Parallel Shank.
  • Types of Flute- Straight Flute or Helical Flute.
  • Reamer Size – How big of a hole is a reamer needed?

For example, hand reamer helical flutes, taper shank 12 mm.

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