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About Vernier Height Gauge, what is called Vernier Height Gauge, its main parts are as follows

What is Vernier Height Gauge?

“That micro-measuring instrument, which is used to measure the height of a job or to mark the height, is called Vernier Height Gauge”.

least count

  1. In metric method- 0.02 mm
  2. In the British system- 0.001 inch

Main Parts of Vernier Height Gauge

vernier height gauge


It is made from cost steel or aluminum alloy. This is an important part. It is rectangular and heavy. And by grinding it well from the lower surface, the middle part is made empty.


It is attached to the base at 90°. On this the graduation of the main scale is written. And on this the marking block and other parts related to it also slide up and down.

(3.)Vernier scale

It is the main part of the Vernier Height Gauge. It slides on the main scale, with spring springs on both sides, which keep it in the same stage.


It is a marking tool, which is used for marking on the job. It is used in two types, straight scriber or offset scriber. Which nowadays mostly carbide tip scribers are used.

(5.)Fine Adjusting Unit

This unit is used to move the Vernier Height Gauge back and forth. It is fixed with a clamping screw mounted on the opposite side of this unit. So that the marking can be done properly.


Its principle is similar to that of vernier calliper. Vernier height gauge works on the principle of difference of two scales (main scale and vernier scale) of the same measurement.

least measure

“The smallest measurement that can be taken by a Vernier height gauge is called its leastcount”. The process of taking its readings and least count is similar to all vernier calipers.

in metric system

In this method, 49 parts of the main scale are divided into 50 parts on the Vernier scale.
Value of 1 column of main scale = 1 mm
Value of 1 column of Vernier scale= 49/50=0.98 mm
Least measure = value of 1 column of main scale – value of 1 column of Vernier scale
Minimum measurement = 1-0.98 = 0.02 mm

zero setting

In this type of gauge, the offset scriber sets the zero of the instrument from the datum surface. And in this, the zero of the instrument is set above the datum surface while using a straight scriber. In this case the accuracy of the zero setting is inspected by the round block. The height of the vernier height gauge is described by the height of the beam.


  1. It should always be kept separate from cutting tools.
  2. It should not be used on rough surface.
  3. Always before use and Afterwards It should be cleaned, so that its accuracy remains.


  1. While marking with this, holding the base should be done with the hand in such a way that the main scale does not tilt and it should be used by keeping it on the surface plate.
  2. It should not be mixed with other tools.
  3. The edge of the scriber should be sharp, so that no force is required to draw the line.
  4. After use it should be cleaned and applied with light mobile oil.
  5. The zero error of the Vernier scale should also be assessed while taking the measurement.

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