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Acid And Base Difference

What is an acid?

Acids can be defined as compounds that donate an ion of hydrogen (H+) to another compound (usually called a base). Traditionally, an acid is referred to as a chemical compound that, once dissolved in water, produces a solution that has less hydrogen ion activity than water in its purest form.

difference between acid and base

What is an alkali?

On the other hand a basis which in nature soluble It is called alkali. Liquid substance that volatile are (acid) once mixed with certain substances will produce salts. The salts produced form a solid base and are thus called bases. Acids are generally H+ donors whereas bases are H+ acceptors.

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Acid and Base Difference-


  • An acid is any chemical compound that, once dissolved in water, produces a solution with hydrogen ion activity comparable to that of pure water.
  • Depends on the concentration of hydronium ions.
  • Depending on the temperature, the acid will appear as a solid, liquid or gas. Its taste will also be sour.
  • Acids release hydrogen ions (h+) when mixed with water.
  • Will turn litmus paper red.

Base –

  • An alkali is an aqueous substance that can absorb hydrogen ions.
  • Depends on the concentration of the hydroxide ions.
  • sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and ammonia.
  • Bases will feel slippery and solid in nature (except for ammonia, which is gaseous). Its taste will be bitter.
  • When mixed with water, bases release hydroxide ions (OH-).
  • Litmus will turn the paper blue.

Question and Answer (FAQ)

What is acid in chemistry?

Any substance that has a sour taste in water, turns blue litmus paper red, reacts with certain metals to liberate hydrogen, combines with alkalis to form salts, and encourages chemical reactions. classified as an acid.

What is the easy definition of acid?

Acid is a chemical substance that contains hydrogen and can combine with other chemicals to produce salts. It is usually a liquid. When acids come into contact with other things, they can burn or dissolve them.

What is the taste of alkali?

Bases have a harsh taste and are less common in foods than acids. Many bases like soap are smooth to touch. The colors of the indicators are also changed by the bases.

Is slippery acid or base?

The bases have a smooth texture. Alkalis are found in many soaps and detergents. The base in your shampoo is responsible for the smooth texture of the shampoo. Base Reaction – Unlike acids, bases do not react with metals.

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