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adult or universal suffrage

universal suffrage either ‘universal adult suffrage‘ means that right to vote of course without any discrimination all of adult women and men to be given the right to vote adult or universal suffrage It is called

meaning of suffrage

what is universal suffrage

That right of the public is called franchise or franchise or suffrage, by which they can exercise their rights. representatives elects by voting, who make laws for them. Suffrage The English word féraise is derived from the Old French word ‘fasse’ which means free and the word suffrage is derived from the Latin word ‘safr gari’ which means to vote. Thus, suffrage means that right of the citizen by which he chooses his representatives by voting who run the government of the state.

Meaning of universal adult suffrage

When all the adult citizens of the state get the franchise on the basis of their adulthood without any discrimination of caste, religion, creed, class, race, education property or sex etc., then it is called ‘Universal Adult Suffrage’. To become an adult means to reach a certain age.

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importance of adult suffrage

what is universal suffrage
  1. Through the representatives elected by adult franchise, the people participate in the governance and the people think about national problems, demands and various interests. This awakens political consciousness among the citizens.
  2. Due to adult suffrage, there is harmony between the government and the people, which is necessary for the efficiency of the government.
  3. Due to adult suffrage, the government gets a constitutional basis.
  4. Its importance is that voters can change the government whenever they want.
  5. Adult suffrage enhances the dignity of the citizen. There is no possibility of revolution in the country.

What is the difference between adult suffrage and universal suffrage?

Adult suffrage is a subset of universal suffrage. Under universal suffrage, everyone who is an adult, regardless of race, religion, sex, race or property, has the right to vote. India was a pioneer in this aspect. India has had a system of universal suffrage since the time of the Indian Constitution, while the great western countries have allowed women to vote centuries after their constitutions came into force. USA in 1920 and UK in 1928 allowed women to vote in elections. Switzerland was until late 1975 to allow women’s suffrage.

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