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After completing polytechnic, how to do IIT?

I did a bit of online research on this, as I didn’t do a diploma myself. It is learned that diploma holders can also take JEE Mains and JEE Advanced route (JEE Mains and JEE Advanced route) through IIT (IIT) can be entered.
But here only IITs is of.

ITI Full Form In Hindi - आईटीआई फुल फॉर्म क्या होता है?

There are basically two papers Mains and Advanced. These are generally given by the 12th class students after taking the 12th exam. The application form for Mains opens around 1st December. Qualified candidates get to appear in the advanced exam which takes place after May (usually).

After completing polytechnic, how to do IIT

So if you really want to get admission in IIT for BTech, you have to sit for these exams and clear them. Diploma students do not have lateral entry scheme in IITs, which means. , If I crack Advanced and go to IIT, it will be in my first year, not in second year (like other engineering colleges). So I can say that one more year is added.

Secondly, even if you have scored well in your jee mains exam,
You cannot use that score to get yourself into other colleges like NIT, CSTI etc. Thus, for diploma holders, appearing JEE Main only serves the purpose of qualifying you for advanced.

So if you want to take admission in an IIT which is bad, and don’t mind an extra year, prepare very well for Mains and Advanced and clear them (which is a tough job as they have There is a wide range of QTNS with final depth). Otherwise, you can follow the normal process of getting into another engineering college through your diploma percentage and prepare hard for GATE, which is a more engineering focused exam.

Diploma holders are only eligible for main exam and not for advanced. Many instances also require advanced. Getting into the undergraduate level is tough. Even if you are more qualified in engineering. Alternatively, join LE BE|BTECH and write GATE for master in IIT. OR JOIN A FIRM AND DO AMIE AND TRY GATE.

There is no lateral entry admission for IITs. And IITs will not admit students without entrance exam. We Diploma holders do not have standard entrance exam. So it could not be possible for a bachelor’s degree. It is better to do a bachelor’s degree in other good colleges. During your final year of graduation, prepare and crack GATE exam. You can have options to pursue a master’s degree in IITs. I have done the same to get into IIT.

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