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aluminum making method

Friends, you are welcome to my website iti course.com, today I will tell you about the method of making aluminum. If you want to get information then read the post completely.

aluminum making method

Friends, aluminum Obtained from ores, to make aluminum, its ore is first crushed and cut into small pieces. These pieces are then ground into powder.

The ore is then passed through a container containing the hot caustic soda mixture. Then there is a process by which aluminum ore by chemical reaction with caustic soda sodium aluminate makes.

The aluminate is then filled in a tank and cooled, after which crystals of the aluminate are formed. The crystals are then filled into a rotating drum, where it is heated to a powder. This powder is called aluminum oxide.

aluminum oxide To remove aluminum from the powder, an electric current is passed through the mixture by mixing the powder with molten cryolite in a vessel.

Due to the passing of electric current, aluminum decomposes, and aluminum collects at the bottom of the vessel. And some of the remaining non-metallic material gets collected at the carbon anode. like this ores of aluminum (alumina) aluminum from Metal is obtained.

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