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Biography of Premchandra

Life introduction-

Novel – Emperor Premchand was born in Lamhi village of Varanasi, in the year 1880 AD. He received his early education in the village itself. His father passed away in his childhood. The burden of raising a financially weak family now fell on him. After passing class X, she was appointed as a teacher in a primary school.

While working, he passed BA. After this, he worked as Deputy Inspector of Schools in the Department of Education. In 1920, on the call of Gandhiji, Premchand ji took a vow to serve the country. He adopted the path of service to the country by writing literature.

His real name was Dhanpat Rai, but in the beginning also he used to write compositions in Urdu under the name Nawab Rai. When the British government confiscated his book Soje Watan, then Premchand started writing it in Hindi. He also edited his own journal Khana Khula and Hans. He died after illness in 1936 AD.


Munshi Premchand wrote 350 stories and 11 novels. their stories Mansrovar The name is compiled in eight parts. their famous Novel There are- Seva Sadan, Premashram, Rangbhoomi, Nirmala, and Godan. their two playKarbala is the altar of love. their EssaySome thoughts, and various contexts, are compiled in a collection called.

Literary Features-

Premchand ji’s literature presents its time with great vibrancy. The main theme of his literature is national awakening and social reform. His first story collection Surya Watan was confiscated by the British government because of the effulgent heaven of patriotism.

of Premchand compositions In this, a very touching and heart-wrenching description of the economic system of the farmers of India and the problems of the dalits and the victims has been given. His shroud, Pus Ki Raat, Salvation etc. In the stories, the heaven of rebellion against exploitation is being affected in the form of an end stream.

Premchand is the storyteller of human psychology. In his works influenced by Gandhiji’s ideas, the evils prevailing in the society have been inaugurated in a very charged and inspiring manner. His stories, novels etc. have been the main subjects – dowry system, mismatched marriage, drug abuse, exploitation and casteism Premchand’s literature is a mirror of his era.

language style-

Premchand ji’s language is the language of the common man, which is very simple, simple and idiomatic. He gave literary form to the language of the common man. The use of words in his language is perfectly suited to the mood and environment of the characters.

His various characters seem alive to us because Premchand ji has wonderfully harmonized the language with his position, place and social status etc. in his dialogues. Sometimes it seems that the real characters of life have become present in his literature.

In fact, we see two forms of Premchand ji’s language – one form is that in which Sanskrit words have predominance and the other is the form in which the practical words of Urdu, Sanskrit and Hindi have been used. This is the representative language of Premchand, such language has been used in most of his works.

Premchand ji composed his literature for the common man. For this reason, he was mostly and has created his compositions in simple saras and secretary style only.
He was skilled in changing the style according to the subject and feelings. A clear impression of his personality is reflected on his styles. Premchand ji used the following friends in his literature-

  1. descriptive style
  2. critical style
  3. psychological style
  4. comic sarcastic style
  5. emotional style etc.

It is clear that Munshi Premchand was an alert watchdog and true representative of Indian society. In his literature, he presented touching pictures of the pain of women sifting through social bonds, the harshness of the varna system, the oppressed condition of the farmers and the suffering of the Harijans. Premchand ji has made a wonderful combination of reality and ideal in his stories and novels. He proved to be the storyteller who brought about a change in the field of fiction. As a great storyteller and novel emperor, this moon, who has emerged in Hindi literature, will always be bowed down.

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