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Biography of Shivpujan Sahay

1-Shivpujan sahaya birth-

Shivpujan Sahay was born in the village in 1893. ninety nine, Shila happened in Bhojpur (Bihar). His childhood name was Bholanath. After passing the tenth examination, he did the job of copycat in the court of Banaras. Later he became a teacher of Hindi. Due to the effect of the non-cooperation movement, he resigned from the government job.

Biography of Shivpujan Sahay

Shivpujan Sahay was a very popular and respected figure among the writers of his time. He edited many prestigious magazines like Jagran, Himalaya, Madhuri, Balak etc. Along with this, he was in the editorial board of the prestigious Hindi magazine Matwala. He died in 1963. He was mainly a writer of prose.

The countryside world, village improvement, those days those people, memory remains A dozen of his prose works have been published. His complete works are published in four volumes of Shivpujan Rachnavali. The themes of folk life and folk culture are easily found in his works.

2-writing assignment

The books written by Shivpujan Sahay are related to different subjects and their genres are also different. ‘Bihar of Bihar’ presents the geographical and historical description of the state of Bihar. Stories are compiled in ‘Vibhuti’. ‘Dehati Duniya’ (1926 AD) is a novel work of experimental character. Its first manuscript was destroyed in the Hindu-Muslim riots of Lucknow. Shivpujan Sahai ji was deeply saddened by this. He wrote the same book again and got it published, but Shivpujan Sahay was not completely satisfied with it. Shivpujan Sahai used to say that – “What was written earlier was something else.”

Biography of Shivpujan Sahay

Two named ‘Village Improvement’ and ‘In Annapurna’s Temple’ Books There are collections of articles related to rural development. Apart from these, ‘Do Padi’ is a comical work, ‘Son of Mother’ Balopyogi and two books named ‘Arjuna’ and ‘Bhishma’ have been written as biographies of two characters of Mahabharata. Shivpujan Sahay also edited many books, in which ‘Rajendra Abhinandan Granth’ is particularly noteworthy. ‘Bihar Rashtrabhasha Parishad’, (Patna) has published his various works in four volumes so far in the name of ‘Shivpujan Rachnavali’.

3-Main works of Shivpujan Sahay-


fiction and novels

Those Days Those People – 1963

Story Plot – 1965

My Life – 1985

Memorial – 1994

Hindi Language and Literature – 1996

Village Improvement – 2007

Pastoral World – 1926

Vibhuti – 1935

mother’s lap

editing work[संपादित करें]

Dwivedi Abhinandan Granth – 1933

Jayanti Smarak Granth – 1942

Anugrah Abhinandan Granth – 1946

Rajendra Abhinandan Granth – 1950









Hindi Literature and BiharMadhuri

Biography of Shivpujan Sahay

4-Education of Shivpujan Sahay-

Shivpujan Sahay | Elementary Education in Arrah | Then 1921 From Journalism in Calcutta | Editing of ‘Madhuri’ with Premchand in Lucknow, 1924. Migration and Journalism and Writing in Kashi from 1926 to 1933. From 1934 to 1939, editing work in Book Store, Laheria Sarai. From 1939 to 1949, he became a professor of Hindi at Rajendra College, Chapra.

5-Shivpujan Sahay’s career-

(1903) Aara in 1921 (1903) After his early education in 1921 and a short period as a teacher of Hindi language, went to Kolkata and in 1923 as editor of Matwala joined in. In 1924 he moved to Lucknow to join Madhuri’s editorial department. Where he worked with renowned Hindi writer Munshi Premchand and edited his Rangbhoomi and some other stories.

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