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Biography of Tulsidas

1- Birth place of Tulsidas

Tulsidas was born in 1532 in Rajapur village of Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. Some scholars also consider his birth place to be Soron district. Tulsidas had a very struggling childhood. He was separated by his parents in the early years of his life. It is said that by Guru’s grace, he found the path of Ram Bhakti, he was a worshiper of human values.

Tulsi is incomparable in the Ram Bhakti tradition.


2 Major Books of Tulsidas

Ramcharitmanas is very popular among the people of northern India, apart from Manas, his main works are Kavitavali Geetavali Deha Dohavali Krishna Geetavali Vinay Patrika etc.

He had a respectable right over both Awadhi and Braj languages. He died in Kashi in the year 1683. Tulsi wrote in the period of Ramcharitmanas and Vinaya Patrika and and Kavitavali in Braj language that all the poetic forms prevalent at that time can be seen in Tulsi’s compositions. May be the main verse of Ramcharitmanas is quadruped and in between couplets, Sorathe, Hargitika and other few have been threaded.

Vinay Patrika has been composed in Gaya verses, in Kavitavali, the shade of verses and poetry can be seen, in his compositions both Prabandha and Muktak are an excellent form of poet.

Here the excerpt is taken from the Balkand of Ramcharitmanas, after breaking the bow of Shiva by Rama in Sita Swayamvar, when Muni Parashuram got this news, he comes there in anger, seeing Shiva’s bow broken, he gets out of himself without Ram and Vishwamitra On persuasion and after testing Rama’s power, his anger is pacified till the end, meanwhile the dialogue between Rama, Lakshmana and Parashuram has been praised here.

When was Tulsidas born?

In which state was Tulsidas born?

Uttar Pradesh

When did Tulsidas die?

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