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Brick Beads and Bones of Harappan Civilization 12th, History

Bricks, Beads and Bones in hindi: Welcome to my website, in this article about Harappan Civilization Brick Beads and Bones Information has been given about it, if you want to get information, then read this post completely.

What are brick beads and bones?

I am giving you general information about brick bead and bones which is mostly asked in competitive exam.

  1. brickThe people of Harappan civilization used bricks to build their houses, which were much bigger and stronger than today’s times.
  2. bead– In today’s time beads of beads are used and Harappan Civilization In those days, people used to wear the bead by threading it.
  3. bonesDuring the discovery of the Harappan civilization, archaeologists have found the bones of the people of the Harappan civilization. which proves that at that time people of advanced civilization lived in Harappa.

Seals and Stampings

Seals and Stampings Seals and stamps were used to facilitate long distance contacts. Imagine that a bag full of goods is sent from one place to another.

The mouth of the bag was tied with a rope and a little wet soil was deposited on the knot and pressed with one or more seals, so that the soil stamps Fell.

seal of harappan civilization

If the stamping remained intact till the bag reached its destination, it meant that the bag had not been tampered with. sender by stamp His identity was also revealed.

mystical script of india

The literal meaning of script is written or painted. The signs used to write sounds are called scripts. Script is one of the great inventions of man.

In the development of man, that is, in the development of human civilization, writing has the most importance after the speech. The art of human speaking, the art of understanding each other and the art of writing, is what makes humans superior to animals.

All current scripts of India Arabic and Persian script except brahmi has since developed. Not only this, many scripts of Tibetan, Sinhalese and countries of Southeast Asia were born from Brahmi scripts. This means that scripts, like religion, went on crossing the boundaries of countries and castes.

Indus Valley Civilization During the discovery, archaeologists had received brick beads and bones during excavation, this proves that ancient civilizations What a developed community the people of

weight of harappan civilization

share the exchange micro or precise system were controlled by. These weights are usually chert and were usually cubic without any markings.

to share these lower norm binary 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 to 12,800, while the upper norm decimal system (decimal system) followed. Smaller weights were probably used to weigh jewelery and beads, and metal pans of scales have also been found.

Names and scripts of 22 languages

names of languages names of scripts
1. Gujarati gujarati nagari script
2. Hindi Brahmi script, Devanagari script, Nagari and Persian script
3. Kannada Kannada script
4. Bangla bangla script
5. Cashmere Devanagari script, Nagari and Persian script
6. Konkani Malayalam, Kannada, Devanagari, Roman and Konkani scripts
7. Marathi Devanagari script and Modi script
8. Nepali Nepali script
9. Oriya Oriya script
10. Punjabi punjabi script
11. Malayalam Shalaka script
12. Manipuri Meitei script
13. Urdu Perso-Arabic script
14. Tamil Tamil script
15. Telugu telugu script
16. Sindhi Arabic-Sindhi script
17. Sanskrit Sanskrit script
18. Maithili Mithilakshar script, Kaithi script and Devanagari script
19. Santhali Santhali script
20. Dogri Dogar Akhkhar or Dogre script
21. Bodo Bodo script
22. Assamese Assamese script

Which is the oldest script?

Oldest script written by Brahmins of India brahmi script is considered.

What is Brahmi script?

What is the script called?

The symbols used to write sounds are called scripts. The script was also used by the people of ancient civilization as symbols.

What is Devanagari script?

devnagari script There is an Indian script, in which many Indian languages ​​and many foreign languages ​​are also written. written from left to right She goes.

ConclusionFriends, I hope that you have liked the information about the brick bead and bones of the Harappan civilization that I have told.

My dear readers, I want to say to all of you that if the question for which you came in this post, if you do not get the answer of that question in this post, then comment me with that question, I will give you the answer. I will definitely provide it, thank you.

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