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Can I do polytechnic after 10th?

Yes, after 10th pass polytechnic You can enroll in college. To get admission in such institution there are certain entrance examinations to be passed by the candidate, some college demands that 60% marks in aggregate in 10th class to qualify to appear in the entrance examination. There are few skill development institutes run by MSMEs which are equivalent. There is a good opportunity for more placements for polytechnics. Their admission process is same.

It depends on your area of ​​interest. If you want to make a career in Computer Science then you have to choose Intermediate. The reason is that to become a software programmer you need good mathematical skills. You in polytechnic but little less than you need in computer science graduation.

Well I suggest if you polytechnic want to go in After this you have to complete 12th. I am also a polytechnic student and I also after 10th Enrolled in Polytechnic. So I can say that choosing polytechnic over 12th may sound good to you right now, but after some time you will find that there are many other things that you will need there but you will not get them. Especially when you are looking for higher education after diploma. You can get diploma after 10th but it is tough competition in bachelors. So definitely complete your 12th, then think about diploma or degree.

After 10th and 12th, you can enroll in polytechnic course through entrance exam.

Students can opt for Polytechnic after 10th or 12th class which enhances their professional qualification. Many advantages after diploma in electrical engineering field. in engineering Diploma After various job offers. The candidate will be offered as Junior Engineer and can apply for many government and private sector jobs.

tenth and twelfth Afterwards you through the entrance exam polytechnic course can enroll in. This Course It is of three years and along with skill development, practical training is also given. according to your interest polytechnic course You can make a career in this field by taking admission in If you want to make career in Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics/Civil Engineering then I suggest Polytechnic would be the best option.

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Advantages –

  • In polytechnic, they will train you as professional engineer and they will also provide you internship or job apprentice which will give you industrial exposure as academic course. Thus you will apply your professional skills before joining the undergraduate course.
  • The best reason to do polytechnic is that you will learn some undergraduate subjects and labs in polytechnic itself. Thus you can improve your academic career in undergraduate course as compared to other students (non polytechnic students). But I strongly advise you to choose Polytechnic only when you are planning your career in above mentioned engineering fields.
  • Easy to choose any government or private engineering college
  • You have good knowledge of your field so you can rock in your field
  • you have a lot more knowledge than others

Harm –

  • At first, you might not have good mathematical skills, but with some extra effort like online math learning, you can improve them after graduation. Second, you cannot take admission in IITs and NITs. Important things to remember: If you choose polytechnic, enroll in a reputed university and check the laboratory and teaching faculty. This is the most important thing to remember. If you settle for this decision, I assure you it will be the worst decision you will ever make in your life. Just don’t choose whether this is the government. University but also inquire about the university. Do they conduct classes regularly and provide laboratory facilities.
  • Second, prepare that after polytechnic you will get less salary but after completing graduation, I am sure you will get the best pay scale which you never imagined. Most importantly, you get firsthand experience of what engineering will be like.
  • Third, the results are subject to change but be prepared to face any kind of hurdles. In the end, Polytechnic is much harder than you expect (200 times more than intermediate), so you have to put all your effort into your studies.

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