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carbon and its compounds

1-What is carbon.

Carbon an element which independent And it is available in both the combined forms. The different forms of free carbon are diamond, graphite and coal.

carbon dioxide in the airoxide Carbon is found in dissolved carbonates in water and in marble, marble, many rocks and many types of minerals. Carbon is an essential component of living things, plants, petroleum and all organic things.

carbon and its compounds

Carbon is generally inert at ordinary temperature, but when heated it combines with many substances. On reaction with oxygen, carbon monoxide and dioxide are formed:

C + O2= CO, C + O2 = C O2

carbon at high temperature metals The oxide is reduced. Due to its tendency to combine with oxygen at high temperature, it is widely used as a fuel and as a simple reactant in metallurgy. It also reacts with hydrogen at very high temperatures and as a result hydrocarbons are formed.

carbon and its compounds

In compounds, carbon generally has tetravalency and its special property is to combine with another carbon atom in the ring or chain. That is why innumerable organic compounds are available.

Many types of organic compounds, such as wood powder, sugar, leaves, etc., are scorched by heating in insufficient air and vapor and other volatile substances are released.

In the end, the black object remains which is pure carbon, diamond does not appear to be a form of carbon in color, but like coal, hinge, graphite, it is actually an additional form of carbon itself. On burning all these types of things completely in air, only carbon dioxide gas is obtained.

By quantitative consideration, all the above items get equal weight. Despite these different forms of carbon, their colour, form, crystal structure and other physical properties are very different.

2-Who are called yogis?

When two or more elements are chemically combined in a certain ratio, the new substance thus formed is called a compound. The properties of a compound are completely different from the properties of the combined elements.

Usage : water is a compound made up of the elements hydrogen and oxygen.


When two or more elements or substances in the ratio of a certain mass by chemical reaction or by chemical bonding to form a new substance, then this new substance formed in this way is called a compound. Example: Sulfuric acid, common salt etc. are examples of compounds.

Two or more elements combine to form a new substance which is called a compound, in this way the substance which is formed by the combination of two elements, that is, the compound is found in a stable state, but in this The properties of a compound are found to be different from the properties of its elements.

A substance that is made up of two or more types of atoms or elements in a certain ratio is called a compound or chemical compound, the compound is formed only when these elements are joined in a certain proportion by chemical bonds or chemical reaction. live on.

When the formula of a compound is written, the ratio of these elements is also shown in it, like water is the formation of a compound which is formed by the combination of hydrogen and oxygen elements.

For the formation of water, two atoms of oxygen and one atom of oxygen are linked by bonding, that is, two atoms of hydrogen atom and one atom of oxygen combine to form a molecule of water, hence the chemical formula of water is called H2O. is displayed by.

one of each compound Unique There is a structure, because in each type of compound the atoms are arranged in a certain arrangement in the bonds, thereby forming a unique structure.

3-Some important questions-

Write the names of two allotropes of 1-carbon,

Answer-diamond and graphite

2-What is the nature of flame when unsaturated hydrocarbons are burnt.

Answer-Unsaturated hydrocarbons give yellow flame which includes black flame.

3-Write the name and chemical formula of organic acid present in vinegar.

Answer-ethanoic acid

4-Write the name of synthetic synthetic chemical used in refrigerator,


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