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Carpenter theory quiz part-4

Carpenter theory quiz part-4

1.Horizontal projection of the frame is called?
(b.) valve

2. Which of the following is not a cause of decay of timber?
(a.) Lack of air communication
(c.)heated atmosphere with moisture
(d.) does not extract sap from wood

3. The trap in the surface planer is usually placed in?
(a.)at 90°
(b.) at 40°
(c.) at 60°
(d.) at 30°

4……….Lock is used for bridges of relatively less thickness?
(d.) wardrobe

5.Which is used in sanding machine?
(a.) sand paper
(b.)emery cloth
(c.)Garnet Paper
(d.) none of these

6. What is not a characteristic of a good timber?
(a.) The color of the wood should be the same everywhere
(b.)it should be light
(c.) it must be strong
(d.) should have sufficient strength

7. What is the advantage of blue print reading?
(a.)reveals the method of molding
(b.)the pattern shows the appropriate substance
(c.) Reveals the core box to be made
(d.)none of these

8. Corrosive flux is?
(b.) Turpentine oil
(c.)Now regards
(d.) olive oil

9. In which grade is medium grit available?

10.Circular saw has suitable meter capacity?
(a.)6 to 7 HP
(b.)1 to 3 HP
(c.)5 to 6 HP
(d.)2 to 3 HP

11. In which measure only the length of the wood is measured?
(a.)running measurement
(b.)Square measure
(d.)cubing measurement

12. What is used to cut thin sheets of metal?
(c.) steak
(d.) none of these

13. What is the drying time of casein glue?
(a.)5 hours
(b.)2 to 4 hours
(c.)3 to 6 hours
(d.) none of these

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14. What is the length of the fillet?
(a.)100 to 200 mm
(b.)300 to 600 mm
(c.)150 to 400 mm
(d.)350 to 700 mm

15. What is the outer diameter of a plane washer?
(b.)2D + 1/8

16. What are the disadvantages of water absorption method?
(b.)Lack of durability
(c.)Lack of flexibility
(d.)all these

17. The pattern in which only one part is made and there is no joint, partition or loose piece is called?
(a.)sweep pattern
(b.)solid pattern
(c.) Segmental Pattern
(d.)skeleton pattern

18. Varnish is not a symptom?
(a.) Provides good and lasting shine
(b.)takes longer to dry
(c.) is less affected by the change of seasons
(d.) none of these

19. The method of cutting grooves and slits at right angles to the wood fibers is called?
(a.) chamfer
(d.) to forge

20.Calipers are made of which of the following metals?
(a.)Tool Steel
(b.)carbon steel
(c.) mild steel
(d.) Brass

21.Spring type caliper is?
(a.)external caliper
(b.)inner caliper
(d.)Jenny Caliper

22.Shrink of wood takes place?
(c.) radius
(d.)all these

23. The size of the wood turning lathe depends on?
(a.) on the length of the bed
(b.)at the maximum distance between the two centers
(c.) at the maximum diameter of the rotating job
(d.) all these

24. The inner part of the frame is called?
(a.) sap wood
(b.)Hurt Wood
(c.) Fitch
(d.) Balk

25. Name the method of sawing in which the board is cut across its width in the direction of the pith rays.
(a.) Simple or flat sawing
(b.)quarter weed
(c.) tactile chirping
(d.)radial chirality

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