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Causes and control of population growth.

in the world Population After China in terms of India place comes. According to the 2011 census, the population of India has become 121 crores and 16.7% of the world’s population resides in 2.4% of the world’s area.

Population growth in India-

of India after 1921 Population has increased rapidly. According to the 1981 Census, there has been an increase in the population of about 13.70 million between 1971-81. Similarly, in the year 1991, the population of India was 84-34 crores, which has increased to 102.70 crores in the beginning of 2001 and to 121 crores in the year 2011.

India’s population at the rate of 1 crore 60 lakhs every 10 years Per year Increasing. This increase is almost equal to the total population of Australia, while its area is more than two and a half times the area of ​​India.

Causes and control of population growth.

Due to population growth-

  1. Lack of education Due to lack of education people do not understand the ill effects of population growth. They do not think about family planning and consider more children as a boon of God.
  2. Customs and Traditions – In some families it is considered necessary to have a son. According to him, only the son brings salvation. For the same, having a daughter, they give birth to many children one after the other. In the longing for a son, in this way many children are born in the name of running the lineage.
  3. Early marriage- Children are also born sooner if they get married at an early age.
  4. economic standard of living It has been seen in India and other developing countries that poor people, especially working class, farmers, daily wage earners may not have food at home, but the number of children is more, according to them, the number of children will be as many. If you are earners, your income will increase, but this is a very wrong notion.

Measures to stop population growth

  1. Law and order – Although the Government of India has made a law for population control that there should not be more than 2 or 3 children, but only 10% of the people follow it.
  2. family welfare program It is necessary to create awareness among the people against population growth by making programs on family planning and family system. People should be encouraged to have small families. With the improvement of social and economic conditions, perhaps people will be able to understand the disadvantages of keeping the family large. It is necessary for the women of the society to be educated so that they can understand the importance of small family and follow family planning.
  3. limited family There are about 15 crore people in the age group of 14-45 in our country, if these people pay attention to the norm of 2-3 children, then 25% birth rate can be reduced.
  4. family planning population growth Family planning is a welfare program in which the two main methods of planning are natural and artificial; Male and female vasectomy are special in such as loop, IU medicine etc. and permanent remedy. The apathy of the government and the lack of prompt implementation of the program have been the main reasons for the success of family planning in India. If this program continues in the country in the absence of strict laws or public awareness, then it can never be successful in its objectives. Therefore, the role of this program in the measures to check population growth will remain insignificant.

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Question and Answer (FAQ)

What is the main reason for population growth?

Lack of education Due to lack of education people do not understand the ill effects of population growth. They do not think about family planning and consider more children as a boon of God.

Why is population control necessary?

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