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Chemical Reaction and Equations

Pay attention to the following representations of your daily life and consider what happens. When

In summer, milk is left uncovered at room temperature.

2-Iron griddle, the nail is left open in a humid atmosphere.

3-The food is cooked.

4- We breathe.

In all these circumstances the nature and identity of the starting object changes in some way. We have already learned about the physical and chemical changes of matter. When any chemical change takes place. Then we can say that chemical reaction. happened

Chemical Reactions and Equations

writing chemical equation

Can chemical equations be made more concise and useful by using chemical formulas instead of words, is there a more concise method of formulating chemical equations? Chemical equations represent a chemical reaction.

Importance of balanced chemical equation-

You will remember the law of conservation of mass. In any chemical reaction, which you studied in the ninth class, mass is neither created nor destroyed. In other words, the number of atoms of each element remains the same before and after a chemical reaction. So we need to balance the skeletal equation.

Have you seen the effect of oxidation reactions in daily life?

You must have noticed that new objects made of iron are shiny. But after some time they get a reddish-brown coating. You have noticed the color of the coating on silver and copper. Similar change occurs in some other metals. Have you noticed the color of coating on silver and copper. When a metal is exposed to humidity etc. around it Then it is transmitted. And this process is called corrosion.

foul odor-

How does a fatty or oily food item taste or smell when it is kept for a long time?

When treated, oils and fats become denatured, dirty. And their taste and smell change. King oily and fatty foods are mixed with antioxidative substances. Keeping food in airtight containers removes oxygen from the oxidation. It is mixed with a less active gas such as nitrogen. So that the chips are not oxidized.

what have you learned-

1- A complete chemical equation showing the reactant products and their physical states symbolically.

In a combination reaction, two or more substances combine to form a new substance.

3-Dissociation reaction is the opposite of combination reaction, in decomposition reaction a single substance combines to give two or more substances.

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