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Class 11th chemistry chapter 2 notes in Hindi

As the name of the chapter says, here, we dig deeper into the atomic structure, that is, we each nuclear Let us study the background of the particle in detail. Chemistry is primarily based on a complete understanding of the three particles, whether it is a reaction or a simple bond with other elements.

Chemistry Chapter 2 notes –

Properties of cathode rays-

  • Cathode rays travel in a straight line.
  • The cathode rays start from the cathode and move towards the anode.
  • The rays themselves are not visible, but their behavior can be observed with the help of certain types of substances (fluorescent or phosphorescent), which glow when they collide.
  • Cathode rays are made up of negatively charged particles. When an electric field is applied to the cathode rays with the help of a pair of metal plates, they are found to be deflected towards the positive plate indicating the presence of negative charge.
  • The characteristics of cathode rays do not depend on the material of the electrode and the nature of the gas present in the cathode ray tube.

Properties of anode rays

  • The value of the positive charge (e) on the particles that make up the anode rays depends on the nature of the gas in the discharge tube.
  • The ratio of mass to charge of particles depends on the gas from which they are produced.
  • Some positively charged particles have a multiple of the fundamental unit of electric charge.
  • The behavior of these particles in a magnetic or electric field is opposite to the behavior observed for electron or cathode rays.

Thomson Model –

As already mentioned, various scientists proposed their atomic model, thompson He was one of the first to suggest the model. He discovered the presence of electrons in the atom. In the structure of our Atom Class 11 Notes PDF, we have summarized the experiment to help you get an overall idea of ​​it.

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Proposed to help you understand the concept easily and quickly model There is also a diagram for The diagram shows a sphere that has both positive and negative charges together. model the nuclear overall neutrality because the charges are canceled out being present at the same place.

Rutherford’s model

thompson To overcome the shortcomings of the atom, another scientist named Rutherford proposed his atomic model. However, this model is very similar to the previous model by Thompson. Observation and has its own set of calculations.

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Our structure of Atom Class 11 Notes PDF ensures that students are judiciously clear about the ideas proposed by various scientists. it is necessary that all scientists Do not mislead the conclusions.

Atomic number and mass number –

Although an important concept, atomic number and mass number may be physical chemistry Most confusing terminology. So students need to be careful in dealing with both of them.

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Read in Hindi: Class 11th chemistry chapter 2 notes in Hindi
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