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Consequences of the French Revolution-

1-French Revolution-

The French Revolution of 1789 is an important event in world history. We can consider this as the most effective event in the world after the rise of Islam. The bottom of any revolution or movement is hidden in years of political, social, religious and economic exploitation.

When the patience of the people starts to break down and trust starts rising from the pre-established system, then revolution becomes inevitable. We can trace the French Revolution in the political, social and economic mismanagement of France at that time.

Consequences of the French Revolution-

2- Consequences of French Revolution-

1) the end of the feudal lordImportant of the French Revolution was the end of these feudal systems. Under this system, the economic exploitation of the general public was exploited for many years, so was the characteristic feature of this system, by the French Revolution, the principle of equality was propounded by ending special rights. The revolution had an effect on other countries as well that in other countries of Europe, the feudal royalty gradually came to an end.

(2) Establishment of secular state – As a result of this revolution, religious tolerance had a negative effect in the European country and people got the beauty of religious worship and there was no interference of the king in relation to the wearing.

(3) Development of the spirit of social equality and national fraternity- At the time of revolution, the spread of these 3 principles was made its goal by revolutionary works. The revolution provided the right of complete freedom to every citizen from political, economic, social and religious point of view. Freedom, equality and fraternity were promoted not only in France but throughout Europe.

Consequences of the French Revolution-

(4) Development of the feeling of nationalism- An important day of this revolution is to inculcate the feeling of nationalism in the heart of the citizen for the security of his country. When foreign armies invaded France for the protection of the monarchy, at that time the peasant laborers and other people joined the army with utmost valor. faced foreign armies with and

Of victory. The feeling of nationalism also spread to other countries of Europe. would have The widespread revolutions from 1830 AD to 1848 AD and the unification of Italy and Germany in 1870-71 are prime examples.

(5) Propounding the principle of popular sovereignty— Through this revolution, the popular theory was rendered by ending the principle of authority of kings from political point of view. A sense of confidence was infused in them by the general public to directly take part in the politics of the country.

(6) Establishment of socialism- According to some historians, the French Revolution was the source of socialist ideology. This declaration clearly stated that “All human beings are equal and they should be given equal opportunity for their advancement.,

To end the privileged class, a resolution was passed on August 4, 1789 AD, by which the elite class ended, now the elite people were just like ordinary work and now the Vedas could not oppress the poor farmers also of slavery. It’s over. Seeing the attitude of the people, the vassals themselves gave up their special rights and inequality ended in France.

(7) Development of education and culture- The French Revolution took education out of the hegemony of the Church and made it national, universal and secular, as well as destroyed the superstitions of the ancient system. Romanticism in Europe literature was also the result of the revolution.

Lord Elton has said that ,Social equality and occupation were the objectives of the revolution which were achieved. Soldier pride and role to the farmers were other achievements of the signature revolution. New revolution of the national education system of modern France,

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