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Definition and types of democracy?

Definition of democracy

(democracy) (literally meaning “rule of the people”, in Sanskrit Folk“the public” and Mechanism“governance”,) or democracy It is used for both a system of governance and a democratic state. Although the term democracy is used in a political context, the principle of democracy is also relevant to other groups and organizations. Basically democracy makes a mixture of different principles.

Democracy is such a system of governance, under which the people can vote for any party that has come in the election and elect its representative, and can make its power. Democracy is made up of two words, Lok + Tantra Lok means people and Tantra means governance.

Types of Democracy-

In general, there are two types of democracy-government system:

(1) Pure or direct democracy and

(2) Representative authoritarian or indirect democracy

The system of governance in which all the citizens of the country directly participate in the performance of the state work is called direct democracy. In this type of democracy, in the works of public interest, any decision is taken only after consultation with the public. The famous philosopher Rousseau has considered such democracy as the ideal system.

This type of democracy was found in the city-states of ancient Greece. At present direct democracy runs in Switzerland. The Greeks restricted their democratic principles to a minority of Greek citizens only. Slaves, foreign residents and women who settled in the city-states of Greece were denied political rights.

Nowadays, in most countries representative democracy or indirect democracy It is propaganda in which public sentiment is expressed by the representatives elected by the people.

The people do not have any contribution in the system of governance and law making and the people do not rule themselves but live under the system of government selected by the electoral system. There is a difference of opinion among those who describe this type of system as the basic idea of ​​modern democracy.

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