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Definition of occupational safety and health in hindi.

Hello friends, in today’s article I am going to tell you the definition of industrial hazards, occupational safety and health. And I will also tell about it, so if you want to go, then definitely read this article from the beginning to the last. And I am Rajendra Singh and you are watching. iticourse.com,

About industrial health and safety

Occupational safety and health refers to the welfare, health and safety of workers engaged in occupational work. Protecting workers from physical and mental harm in the workplace is called occupational safety.

Occupational health is the health science related to human work place and work environment. Occupational health is a completely preventive medicine.

The main goal of occupational health is to protect workers working in all occupations from diseases and to improve their health. Health is the science giving priority to the welfare of the employees.

The work efficiency of workers can be increased through health protection and promotion. More work or production can be obtained. And absenteeism can be withheld. Good relationship can be established between employee and employer.

Definition of occupational safety and health

Occupational hygiene is the science of predicting, identifying, evaluating and controlling potential hazards that may result in damage to the health of employees that may arise at the workplace.

These hazards can lead to potential confusion between the employee’s community and the general environment.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), according to the Joint Committee of the International Labor Organization, occupational health is the highest level of physical, mental and social welfare of workers in all occupations. Level maintenance and promotion.

Preventing health barriers caused by working conditions and protecting employees working in business and providing them with a healthy work environment.

Read in Hindi: Definition of occupational safety and health in hindi.
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