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Describe the hierarchy theory.

Hierarchy Principle-

English translation of ‘hierarchy’Hierarchy‘ Is. It is also called the term-category theory. it in english scalar process The name of ‘ (Scalar process) is also given which means in Hindi language. successive method is.

According to this principle, the office bearers of different departments in the organization and employees Separate posts are given to them. Their post is decided according to their ability and qualification. gradation The principle is to determine the positions of various employees working in the administrative organization and to explain their mutual relations.

In this, the lower level person is responsible to the higher level person or official. According to the hierarchy, the employees of the organization are divided into several parts and the rights and duties of each part are clearly stated. seeing the nature of the tasks stratification is done. Mooney and Raleigh called hierarchies a gradual process.

In the words of Earl Latham,

“Hierarchy is a systematic arrangement of lower and higher persons in a hierarchical manner.

According to Prof. White,

“Hierarchy is created in the structure of the organization, from the top to the bottom by the levels of responsibility, when high and subordinate or officer-subordinate relationships are made extensive use of it.”

In the organization based on the principle of hierarchy, the power goes down from the top to the bottom and the responsibility moves from the bottom to the top, all the action is done sequentially or by a row of steps and every task is completed through proper channel. .

Division of Hierarchy-

There are many different types of administrative organizations. Similarly, there are many types of hierarchies located in them. Piffner and Sherwood have classified formal hierarchy into four parts.

  • Job Task Hierarchy
  • The Hierarchy or Rank
  • The Hierarchy of Skills
  • Pay Hierarchy

The principle of hierarchy is the universal principle of organization. No matter what kind of organization there is, there must be hierarchies in it.

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