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Dialogue Writing


Dialogue – ‘Vad’ in the root word ‘Sam’ prefix The word ‘dialogue’ is formed by applying, which literally means ‘conversation’, it is also called conversation. The conversation that takes place between two people in general is called dialogue.
Writing a conversation between two people is called dialogue-writing.
Characteristics of Dialogue- Dialogue should have the following characteristics –

Dialogue Writing
  • Naturalness: There should be naturalness in dialogue. The characters should speak keeping in mind their position, culture etc.
  • Eligible language – The language of the students participating in the dialogue should be commensurate with their education age etc. an educated and
    The difference should be seen in the language of the illiterate who is communicating with him.
  • Effective style – The style of speaking the dialogue should be effective. Dialogues should have an effect on the listener.
  • Complexity should not be a language of distant communication. This allows the listener to understand the matter easily and
    Gives an appropriate answer.
  • There must be decency in the language of communication. There should be no place for vulgar language in it.
Dialogue Writing

2-Some examples-

Things to note in dialogue writing – The following things should be kept in mind in dialogue writing.

  • The language of communication should be simple and easy.
  • Simple and short sentences should be used in dialogue writing.
  • The language should correspond to the mental level of the listener.
  • In dialogue writing, one character’s narration should not be stretched too long.
  • Repetition of thoughts should be avoided.
  • At the end of the dialogue writing, it should be read once and repeated so that the inaccuracies can be removed.

Some examples of dialogue writing

Question: 1.
A train has crashed at some distance from the village, two friends want to go there to help the victims. Write the dialogue between them.
Akshar – Hello Sanjeev! From where are you running scared?
Sanjeev – Hello Akshar! You haven’t heard, perhaps, the coaches of the train have derailed.
Akshar – Has there been more damage to life and property?
Sanjeev – Yes, two coaches derailed and collided with each other.
Akshar – But, where are you going now?
Sanjeev – I am going to inform the villagers.
Akshar – I will also go with you. I would ask people to also carry some essential items for the passengers.
Sanjeev – It will be fine.
Akshar – I ask Gopi uncle to take everyone in his jeep. The injured can be taken to the hospital by their jeep.
Sanjeev – Taking Dr. Ramesh Uncle along too. They will be able to provide first aid to the injured.
Akshar – Your suggestion is very good.
Sanjeev – Come on, take everyone and reach there quickly.

Dialogue Writing

Question: 2.
Many villages have been submerged due to the floods. Two friends want to go to his aid. Write the dialogue between them.
Pankaj – Immortal! did you read today’s newspaper?
Amar: No, is there any special news published?
Pankaj – Yes, many villages are submerging in water due to floods. Crops are drowning due to water logging in the fields.
Amar – In such a situation people must be facing a lot of trouble?
Pankaj – People are trying to save their belongings and cattle somehow.
Amar – We should immediately go to the help of Aiso. Wherever they are, they should be helped.

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