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disadvantages of internet

Friends, in this post disadvantages of internet It has been told about, if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

Disadvantages of Internet

The disadvantages of internet are as follows-

1. Waste of Time

Its unnecessary use wastes time and we do not get any benefit. People who use the Internet for information and for office work. Internet is beneficial for them.

2.Internet Addiction and Health Effects

Friends, addiction to anything is very bad, whether it is alcohol or internet. A person who is addicted to something, then he does not look at the health of his body other than his addiction, he neither eats food on time nor sleeps or wakes up on time. Video games are the living proof of the Internet.

Internet ke nuksan

3.Internet is not free

Friends, we should take internet connection only when we need internet. If internet connection is taken and we are not able to use it, then we lose both internet and money. So when internet is needed then paid recharge of internet should be done otherwise not.

4.Spam Emails and Ads

Nowadays, many companies steal people’s personal information and email IDs from the Internet and send emails in which spam links or advertisements are given. Through this advertisement or link, users go to their website and buy something, but the user is unable to get anything and later it is found that that company was fraudulent. So friends, when someone sends something like this to your email, if a link of the right company has been given in it, then buy from it, otherwise don’t.

5. Exploitation

The speed of communication on the Internet is very fast. Therefore, those who want to defame their enemies or whomever they want, they exploit and take unfair advantage by spreading false propaganda about them online.

6. Identity Theft, Hacking, Viruses and Fraud

Friends, whatever is beneficial for us, it is equally harmful. Businessmen run their business in the Internet world. Because the Internet is beneficial for them, but hackers also use the Internet in the same way, who steal people’s identity, if someone has a website, then inject viruses into it.

Friends, if you liked the post about the disadvantages of the Internet, then comment and tell.

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