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Do not make these mistakes while giving board exam-

Write in board exam with blue pen only.

Since class 10th students are appearing for the board exams for the first time, practice is very important for them. Second, students should use only blue colored pen in the examination. Black or any colored pen cannot be used.

If they want to draw a diagram, table or flow chart, they can use a pencil for that. It is necessary for the students to come after seeing their exam center a day in advance. With this they will not be late on the day of exam and they will not have any problem in finding the center.

Go to school on time

Often students are not able to come to school on time because of studying in the morning. Due to which they are late. So you must come to school 1 hour before the paper starts. Arriving 1 hour early means that you should know your seat. So that you do not have any tension about your seat while giving the exam. So must come to school 1 hour before the start of paper.

Don’t forget to keep this thing-

Somewhere children do not keep some of their important materials because of going to school early. Because they forget about going to school early. That’s why you keep your essential things in your backpack only at night. And always check when going to school. You have everything which is going to be useful in the board exam. Things like admit card, lease, gemtry box, etc.

No paper should be around you

If any paper is lying around you in the exam hall, then immediately inform the invigilator. Otherwise, you can be considered guilty in the exam. Overall, before going to the exam, keep these things in mind. This can save you from troubles.

Most important things-

When you sit for the board exam, before that you should check that there is no piece of paper around you and nothing is written on your table or seat. If anything is written then you can immediately tell to your guru ji. And do not keep any paper or other thing with you which is not useful in the board exam. And don’t write anything on your hands.

When enough will come to you, do not fill it with your mind, when Guruji tells you to do this here, then you should do the same because 10th people do not have experience of board exams.

Don’t get up early in the morning

Children often get up early in the morning to study. After which they may feel sleepy or lethargic while taking the exam. So go to bed early on the day the exam is held and don’t get up early in the morning.

And the most important things-

When you go to take the board exam, you have your Admit card And definitely keep the watch with me. Because watch Accordingly, you will have the facility to do the question paper.

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