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Due to population growth-

1-population density

One of the important indices of population concentration is the density of the population. It is defined as the number of persons per square kilometer. The population density of India in 2011 was 382 per sq km.

Density of Population The population density had decreased in the National Capital Territory of Delhi between 2001 and 2011 with 11,297 being the most densely populated union territories. Among the states, Bihar tops the list with a population density of 1,102 in 2011.

Due to population growth-

2- Due to increase in population-

1. Even today, there are many such backward areas and villages in our country, where the tradition of child marriage is prevalent, due to which children start being born from an early age, as a result more children are born.

2. Lack of education is a major reason for population growth.

3. In the conservative thinking and male-dominated society, people produce many children in the desire of a boy.

4. Even today, there are many such places, where the elders have such a thinking that if their ancestral wealth is more, then more boys should be produced to carry it forward and handle it. In many cases, married couples are even forced to have children.

5. The thinking of educated and middle class family that ‘more children especially boys means support for their old age’.

6. It is also one of the main reasons why young people get married without explaining the importance of family planning. Even today it is considered wrong to discuss such things in households and they are directly married off without informing their young children about the relationship and their consequences. In such cases, people give birth to children out of ignorance.

7. Even today, girls are not given information related to contraceptive measures before marriage and in many cases even after marriage, they are not even aware of how to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

8. Poverty is also the root cause of increasing population.

9. Many children in our country are victims of malnutrition. The problem of employment, it clearly states that more population hinders the development of your child and the country.

Due to population growth-

3-Major challenges of growing population

Fixed Population: To achieve the goal of stable population growth, it is necessary that the fertility rate should be reduced first. It is quite high in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, which remains a major challenge.

Quality of Life: To provide citizens with a minimum quality of life, investments will have to be made in the development of education and health systems, more and more production of food grains and food grains, providing houses for people to live in, increasing the supply of clean drinking water and roads. Work will have to be done on strengthening infrastructure such as , transportation and power generation and distribution.

India needs to spend more to meet the basic needs of the citizens and to accommodate the growing population by providing social infrastructure. Need And for this India will have to increase its resources by all possible means.

Demographic Segmentation: To take advantage of the growing population, India has to build a strong base of human capital so that they can contribute significantly to the country’s economy, but India’s low literacy rate (about 74 percent) is the biggest obstacle in this path.

Sustainable Urban Development: The country’s urban population will double by the year 2050, due to which the challenge of improving urban facilities and providing housing to all will be necessary, as well as keeping the environment in mind.

Due to population growth-

Unequal Income Distribution: Unequal distribution of income and increasing inequality among people will result in negative consequences of overpopulation.

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