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effect of force

1-Explanation of Force

An object which if at rest is either pushed or pulled to make it move or an object which is in a state of motion to bring it to rest.

Similarly, if a spring or rubber band is stretched, its shape changes. Or if a balloon is pushed, it changes its shape.

It is clear that to change the position or shape of an object, it is either pushed or pulled, that is, force is applied. That is, it is a force to push or pull.

Force is a noun. That is, force cannot be seen or smelled or touched, but can only be felt.

effect of force

2- Components required for force

The following components are necessary for force:

Two objects – one on which force is applied, and the other by which force is applied.

and the interaction between the two objects [इंट्रैक्शन (Interaction) ],

Therefore, three components are necessary for force, two objects and contact between them. In the absence of any one force will not be applied.

By observing the motion of objects on an inclined plane, Galileo concluded that objects move at a fixed speed unless an external force acts.

Therefore, a moving object will be in constant motion if the unbalanced force is zero. But it is difficult to obtain a zero unbalanced external force in the real state. This is due to the force of friction acting in the opposite direction of motion. Thus in practice the bullet stops after traveling some distance.

3-Newton’s laws of motion-

Newton, influenced by Galileo’s ideas about force and motion, presented the three fundamental laws of motion. These laws describe the motion of an object. These laws are known as Newton’s laws of motion.

effect of force

4-Newton’s first law of motion

Every object remains in its stationary state or in a state of uniform motion in a straight line unless an external force is acting on it. speed it first rules Or Newton’s first law of motion.

That is, all things resist change in their state.

force effect

Whenever a force is applied to an object, it tends to change its shape, size, speed or direction. It changes the speed of an object. Momentum is the speed of a body. Here are some of the effects that are applied to its objects:

It changes the direction of an object.

It can move a body from rest to rest.

It can increase or decrease or change the speed of an object.

It can stop a moving body.

It can change the shape or size of an object.

effect of force

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