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Essay on importance of sports in life

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music point-(1) Preface, (2) Importance of sports in life, (3) Benefits of sports, (4) Epilogue.


There was a time when sports was looked down upon. Children were told-

If you read and write, you will become a Nawab.
If you jump, you will be bad

But it was forgotten in the statement that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. great thinkers of our country Swami Vivekananda Addressing the youth in one of his speeches, he had said – First of all, the new youth of our country should be made strong. Religion itself will follow. My young friends Be strong

This is my advice to you. You will get closer to heaven by playing football than by practicing the Gita. When your wrists and arms are stronger, you will be able to understand the Gita better. Swami Vivekananda’s sharp and strong body and serious thought speech automatically gives evidence of the truthfulness of his statement. Sports are essential for physical and mental health.

Importance of sports in life

Whatever be the game, it awakens in man a strong desire to fight and win. A person who loves sports makes combative instincts a part of life. He develops the ability to accept Haji both in the long journey of life. Through the practice of sports, he learns to have a concentrated mind.

Banana develops mutual cooperation, discipline, organization, obedience, courage, trust, and the ability to take appropriate decisions on time. Gandhiji had expressed great regret over his weak body. The gist of it is that it is difficult to develop a healthy body without sports and a healthy mind without a healthy body. A healthy body and mind is more useful for one’s own country and society.

Benefits of sports

Drinking makes the body strong, muscles emerge, blood is purified, hunger is recruited, laziness is removed and the stomach becomes clean. The person who does not play becomes scarce, sick, and depressed in the body. Weakness of the body is admitted in him lack of enthusiasm. So that he remains apprehensive even in achieving the goal.

After the loss of goals, he is deprived of the joy and happiness of life. In life, respect, happiness, high position etc. Pleasure is also not able to raise the patient in public. Due to physical weakness or infirmity, he is often seen as inferior in the social field. When inferiority complex surrounds the mind, then all the fun of life becomes gritty. The only and simple way to avoid all this is-Make it a habit to play regularly.


One of the great advantages of games is that they entertain both the player and the spectator. The player’s victory also brings joy to his supporters. Losing gives you the motivation to win again. Thus, sports teaches man the art of living life with content and sportsmanship.

Benefits of sports-

1. Play advances cognitive development.
2.Play Promotes imagination and creativity.
3-Play Helps in linguistic development.
4-Play children learn to be social by

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