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Essay on independence day

Independence day

Indication mark-(1) Preamble, (2) Importance of Independence Day, (3) Manner of celebrating Independence Day, (4) Golden Jubilee Year of Independence, (5) Epilogue


Whenever the power of a foreign country is established over a country, the residents of that country have to be victims of humiliation, tyranny and exploitation. Before August 15, 1947, our country was under British rule. Under the British rule, we too were suffering from this shame-generating fidelity.

Our nation was fighting for a long time against the tyranny and exploitation of the British rulers. But the fruit of this struggle was achieved on August 15, 1947, when our country became independent. We address this day of independence as Independence Day. And every year celebrate this national festival with enthusiasm.

Importance of Independence Day

By being under any external power, any living being experiences pain. The power of British rule had taken our entire society and nation under its inhuman control. It was on the day of Independence Day that we got freedom from the subjugation of this tyrannical foreign power,

That’s why this day is most important for us. On this day the Union Jack, the symbol of British rule, fell in India and our national flag was replaced by the tricolor. With this, we can raise our head in the world society by attaining self-respect and prestige as an independent nation.

Customs of celebrating Independence Day-

On August 15, 1947, the shackles of our subjugation were opened. On the night of August 14, 1947, at 12:01, the British handed over power to the Indian leaders. The morning of 15th August brought a new enthusiasm for the people of India. Prabhat-feriya started from early morning itself. The flag hoisting took place at the Red Fort of Delhi, for which a huge crowd gathered to see it.

The army saluted the national flag. All over India, the national flag was hoisted with respect and salute was given to it. Since then every year on this day we celebrate the anniversary of independence and show our respect to the national flag. On this day the flag is hoisted at the Red Fort in Delhi. He is honored by hoisting the flag in all the states of India.

Government offices, schools and various institutions also hoist the flag on this day. And various cultural programs are organized.

Golden Jubilee Year of Independence-

The political freedom that we were successful in achieving on 15th August, 1947 AD completed 50 years of political independence on 15 August 1997 AD. To commemorate the continuation of its independence till date, WhatsApp 997 has been declared as the Golden Jubilee Year.

From the beginning of this year, preparations were made to celebrate the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Independence. On August 15, 1997, planning committees and implementation committees were formed at the national, provincial and regional levels for the purpose of celebrating the golden jubilee celebrations of independence. In the year 1997, the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Independence were celebrated with special pomp and great enthusiasm.

Independence Day is a day for us to feel extremely proud and proud, but its significance is only when we understand the importance of freedom and resolve to realize the dream of a society based on social, political and economic equality.

With a view to maintain the unity, integrity and existence of our country and to make India progressive, this is such a great opportunity, when we should rise above personal interests and awaken the national spirit in ourselves and promote the prosperity, progress and prosperity of our nation. One should get engaged with a dedicated spirit for happiness.


We have attained freedom after a very difficult struggle and immense pain. Of course, on this day we have the right to express our happiness solemnly, but have we achieved the real goal of independence by getting freedom from British rule? Actually it is not so.

Even today we are trapped in the bondage of hatred, communal feelings, ethnicity, and stereotypes etc. Every person in the society does not even get equal opportunities for social rights and progress. Our democratic ideal has become a sham and a hypocrisy.

Unless we get rid of all these evils, our national freedom will remain in vain. We must celebrate the happiness of being freed from British rule, but do not say that our duty is no longer just to hoist the flag and sing the national anthem. We have yet to be free from many shackles and for this we have to struggle a long time.

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