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essay on information technology in hindi

Science and Information Technology (Introduction)-

The present era is also known as ‘The Age of Information Technology’. Today, information technology has special importance in terms of business and social needs, with the help of this information can be exchanged from one place to another and in the shortest possible time. science In the context of this role of science in the field of information technology, we can say in a nutshell that science has made information technology. Earlier only telephone was used for the exchange of information under information technology. afterwards Telex, Fax, Pager, Computer The use of information resources etc. started. After this, the use of Internet has brought a revolution in the field of information technology. nowadays Internet, E-mail, Mobile phone, Telnet, Video conferencing The use of facilities etc. has made human life very happy and easy.

The term information technology refers to the automated methods that process business data. In other words, information technology directly disseminates a large number of identical information with the help of simple and specialized processes. For example – Wings of a company ( Stock Changes in the reservation of railway tickets ( Reservation ) etc. are similar processes.

Computer: A boon

Today, all the activities of information technology are conducted through computers; That’s why computer has proved to be a boon for this.

What is computer network?( What is computer network)

social need

The need of information technology for the society can be estimated from the fact that today no sphere of life is untouched by it. From birth to life, information technology is related to our every breath, from all our social festivals, festivals, festivals, entertainment, tradition, culture to our food, lifestyle, business-industry, etc. are related to information technology. Without it, the progress and development of any society cannot be imagined. The society in which the spread of information technology is more, the more advanced and developed that society is considered. For this reason, today America, Britain, France, Germany etc. have become the head of the world.

Its impact on public life

The impact of information technology on people’s lives can be understood in the form of the following points:

positive effects of information technology

  1. aid in decision making With the help of information technology, economic and proportionate decisions can be taken at the right time by the manager and the concerned persons in the business, as a result of which protection is obtained from future errors and losses.
  2. decrease in clerical work There has been a decrease in the clerical work of information technology and computers. In the institute, for which many employees were appointed to do the work, now only one person is able to complete the same work in less time with the help of computer. With this, business organizations can provide more competitive and quality products and services at a lower cost than before.
  3. staff training Under Information Technology, training of computer work is provided to the employees of any institute.
  4. record keeping of employees To maintain the records of employees in an organization, the database can be made in such a way that it can keep a record of the necessary information in relation to various employees, so that when necessary, skilled people can get the special work done.
  5. benefits on a global scale The present era is called the age of information technology and the benefits of information technology are being received by individuals, associations, companies and various nations globally. Today, using the facilities like phone, mobile, internet, fax etc., necessary information and information can be sent from one corner of the world to another in a few moments.

negative effects of information technology

  1. Increase in unemployment In the present era, most of the work in any office, organization or undertaking is being done by computer. The work which earlier used to take many days for a person to complete, the same work is now done by the computer in no time. Thus unemployment is increasing continuously.
  2. Habit of computer and calculator Nowadays most of the people have become accustomed to computer and calculator i.e. they spend most of their time on computer in games, quiz etc. While operating the computer, he often sits in an air-conditioned room, due to which he gets used to it and this habit can be harmful for his health. Similarly, for common mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) etc., they also start using calculator, due to which after some time they find themselves unable to perform mathematical operations in the absence of calculator.
  3. Lack of privacy All types of database stores are kept in the institute under the computer; For example – information about financial condition, bank balance etc. Any person can get this information under the database in the computer. Thus, there is often a lack of confidentiality on the data stored in the computer.
  4. Threats to the security of the database Banks keep accounts in the form of electronic data. Anti 0 (ATM) cards are used by the customers to withdraw funds. Thus today the records are kept in the computer by magnetic medium rather than on paper. If there is a virus in the computer system, then the entire database can be destroyed in a few seconds. If the database is not backed up, all the records are destroyed. Thus the security of the database is always at risk.

Epilogue –

In almost all the countries of the world and their economies, the use of information technology for economic progress and human resource development has been accepted as universally accepted. Information technology is currently developing at the fastest rate and is poised to become the largest industry in the world. It is believed to be an endrajalik (magical) technique, in which many skillful hands and reasoning mind are engaged. Before this, there was no such tool available in the world. For this each country has its own economy. It is making plans on a large scale and also taking various decisive steps.

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