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Explain how the Himalayas were formed.

According to geologists, the area where the Himalaya Mountains and its plains are located today was shallow and vast millions of years ago. Tethys Sea was. The Himalaya Mountains have arisen as a result of the process of folding in the sediments collected in this ocean. The formation of Himalayas can be understood by the following facts-

  1. Millions of years ago, India was part of the Gondwana land plot located in the southern hemisphere, north of which was located Angara land (present-day Eurasian plate).
  2. Later on, the convective waves of the plain divided this plot into many plates (runs).
  3. A plate separated from the Gondwana land is called the Indo-Australian Plate.
  4. The Indo-Australian Plate collided with the moving northwardly moving Eurasian Plate and its lower end subducted under the Eurasian Plate.
  5. The Tethys Sea was located between the two plates. Therefore, due to the collision of these plates, the sedimentary rocks of this ocean were bent and due to the ring process, the folds were raised, which led to the formation of the Central Asian Mountains. The Himalayan mountain is also a mountain of this sequence.

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