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Give the meaning of water resource-

1-What is water resource-

Water resources are those sources of water which are useful for human beings. Most of the people need fresh water. Life on earth is possible only because of the presence of water. Water is a renewable natural resource. A renewable resource is a resource that can be use Because it gets replaced naturally.

explain the meaning of water resources

2-surface water

Surface water or surface water is the network that is found on the surface of the earth in streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and wetlands, etc. It can be understood separately from sea water, groundwater and atmospheric water. It is an integral and important part of the water cycle. If we see water as a resource, then most of the water used for human use is surface water. The reason for this is that most of the surface water is fresh water and is fit for human use. Also it is easily available and exploitable. Along with this, there has also been a lot of pollution due to human activities. ,

3-ground water-

Groundwater (English: Groundwater) or geologic water is the water present in the space between the particles of rocks below the surface of the earth. Generally, this word is used in the form of water located below the surface (English: Sub-surface water or Subsurface water) to show the difference from surface water.

So soil water is also included in this. However, it is different from soil water which refers to the water present in the soil only a few depths below the surface. Groundwater is a natural resource as a freshwater source. A major source of water for humans is the aquifers (English: Aquifers) falling under groundwater, from which water is drawn through wells and tube wells.

The groundwater which has permeated deep inside the earth and cannot be removed by man with the help of current technology or will cost more than its utility economically, is not a part of water resource. Resources are only those whose potential for exploitation is strong and economically beneficial. Groundwater located at very deep depth is called fossil water or fossil water. ,

explain the meaning of water resources


An aquifer, an aquifer or aquifer is a bed of rocks below the surface of the surface where groundwater accumulates and is in conditions favorable for human extraction from tube wells.

Although water is present in all the rocks below the water level in their stomata, but it is not necessary that it can also be extracted for human use. Aquifers are the beds of such rocks in which the stomata are large, which can store a large amount of water and at the same time they have high permeability, due to which the movement of water from one place to another is rapid.

In general, another condition is necessary for aquifers and that is the presence of an impermeable waterproof bed just below this highly permeable bed. Therefore, most of the aquifers are found in such sandstone rocks, under which a layer of shale or siltstone is found.

Based on the presence of this impermeable waterproof layer, aquifers are classified into types – unconfined aquifer and confined aquifer. Sealed aquifers are those which have a watertight bed on both the top and bottom and have their recharge areas in other higher elevations. Artesian wells are also found in these confined aquifers.

explain the meaning of water resources

There are many other physical characteristics of aquifers. Another basis for classification of aquifers is the direction of hydraulic conductivity. On the basis of this they are divided into Sampray and Asmpray watershed. There is a slow but continuous flow of water in aquifers, which is called underflow. ,

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