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Hammer kitne Prakar ke hote hain?

Hammer is a tool consisting of a heavy piece of metal on the end of a handle. use this wood or wall It is used to hammer nails into pieces or to break things into pieces. to cut the wall hammer and chisel is used.

hammer kitne prakar ke hot hain

Friends, there are mainly five types of hammers, they are divided on the basis of weight. These are as follows on the basis of weight-

  • hand hammer
  • shaft hammer
  • claw hammer
  • cube hammer
  • power hammer

1.About Hand Hammer

Friends, it is used in almost all places to do normal or light tasks. their weight 0.125 kg to 1.5 kg Happens till. In all types of hammer the handle is fitted according to its weight.

Handle Key in Hand Hammer Length 25 to 35 cm Because the peen and face part of the hammer are used to hit the job.

Hand Hammer is divided on the basis of Peen and Shape as follows, which are as follows-

(i) About Bal Peen Hammer

The peen of this hammer is round like half the shape of the ball playing cricket, and its other side face is as flat as the other hammer.

Use of Bal Peen Hammer Chipping, Marking, Light hitting etc. is done in the works. This is mostly done for riveting and the face part is used for licking to spread the tail of the rivet all around.

(ii) About straight peen hammer

This type of Hammer’s face is flattened and the shape of Peen is in English letters. inverted V (^) is similar to. The axis of the peen of this hammer is in line with the handle attached to it. For this reason it is called straight peen hammer. It’s in the Market 0.125 kg to 1.5 kg See you till

(iii) About Cross Peen Hammer

This type of hammer’s Peen in English letter inverted v (v) and its face is made of flat shape. It’s in the Hammer Market 0.125 kg to 1.5 kg See you till Its peen is exactly 90° to the axis of the handle.

(iv) About Double Face Hammer

You must have understood from its name, that this type of hammer does not have a Peen. It has a face in place of a pin, that is, it has two faces.

workpiece or job But both the faces are used to hit. Apart from this, it is used in riveting to hit the big rivet’s cup tool.

2.About the shaft hammer

You will also be aware of the name of this Hammer. If not, they will be. It is such a hammer, which is used to hit the workpiece in such a way that there is no mark on the workpiece when hit.

These hammers tolerate pushes, as they are not harder than the metal of the workpiece.

Soft Hammers are used for mounting and unloading bearings as well as assembly of finished goods. Apart from this, they are used in other works and places. This hammer is used in different places in different types, which are as follows-

(i) About the wooden hammer

This hammer is made of wood, its other name is mallet. This hammer mainly Keekar, rosewood, tamarind, teak and other hardwoods is made of. Most of it is used more in Sheet Metal related works.

Friends, you must have seen the shop of a box or wardrobe maker. There, there is as much work as beating the sheet to bend or make a shape. All that is of a hammer made of wood.

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(ii) About raw leather hammer

this hammer raw leather is made of. Steel is used to make it. First to make this hammer steel is made of. After that, raw leather pads are put on both the faces over the steel and it is ready.

The main purpose of making this is that when the finished job requires hammering, then if someone else uses the hammer, then its marks can fall on the job. But if we hammer with this hammer, then there will be no marks on the job and our work will also be done.

(iii) About Plastic Hammer

This hammer is also made like a raw leather hammer. body of this hammer iron It is made of key and both the pads are made of plastic, so it is called Plastic hammer they speak.

But sometimes rubber pads are used instead of plastic ones.

(iv) About Nylon Hammer

Its body is also made of iron and on both its faces. nylon pads are installed, which nylon hammer they speak.

nylon, a petroleum products happens, which is much more sparrow it happens. Due to this quality, this hammer has the ability to withstand a lot of push. use it most Aeronautic Shop, Toom Room is done in.

(v) About Lead Hammer

This hammer is made of glass, so it lead hammer it is said. Very heavy work cannot be done by it. most of its use Assembly Shop is done in.

3.About Claw Hammer

This hammer (🔨) Differs from Double Face Hammer. It has a face on one side and on the other hand a slit is made to trap the head of the nail, which is called claw hammer it is said. Most of it is used by carpenters.

4.About Cube Hammer

You can guess a little from its name. This hammer is heavier than all hammers. This 2kg to 10kg up to. It can be used for heavy tasks like- Flat, Angle by Hitting Die Adi is used to injure in the bite.

In addition its use Forging Shop In forging or beating metal is done for.

5.About Shakti Hammer

It is also heavy, this hammer is used in forging large jobs. By this, an electric motor is used to drive the hammer for hammering.

power hammer use Mass Production is also done for

types of power hammer

  • electric hammer
  • Pneumatic Hammer
  • steam powered hammer

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