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How are clouds formed?

We rain how will you do it? Due to which reason the mist in the sky looks faint at the exact time when it is about to rain? This group haze are what we see in the sky. Before understanding the evolution of fog, let’s look at some key words understand.

Evaporation –

It is a cycle where temperature or stress growth Matter changes from liquid state to vapor state. This is an important interaction in the water cycle.

They also fell Why is the sky blue?

cloud formation-

mist water There are tiny droplets of ice or precious stones, which float in the air. They can flow because they are small. caused by the sun dissipation cycle Due to which the air becomes wet or sticky. This wet air rises above the earth’s outer layer and rises further to cool.

sufficient height However, the water fume present in the air gets consolidated to form the beads. These beads remain in the air and are visible to us as a mist. snow in environmental air point After reaching a point called pearls stopped moving forward.

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