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How does amoeba get its food?

amoeba zoological Provides nutrition through food. It is an omnivorous animal. Its food is in the form of micro-organisms of bacteria, algae, diatoms etc. floating in water.

The method adopted in the ingestion of these micro-organisms is called phagocytosis. It takes its food from any surface of the body through the crypt. The nutrition method has the following steps.

Ingestion, digestion, absorption When it comes in contact with a food substance, the pseudopodia moves towards it to catch it, then it is surrounded by pseudopodia, which forms a cup-like structure called the food cup.

How does amoeba get its food?

Later on, the pseudopods fuse together at their ends to form a food vacoule and put it in the endoplasm. Intracellular digestion occurs in amoeba.

Digestion of food takes place in the food vacuole. Trypsin, patisan, amylase enzymes are found to digest food. The digested food in the food vacuole gets diffused into the endoplasm. Later the digested food turns into protoplasm inside the body. If excess amount of food is found in the body.

So it is stored in the form of glycogen, paramylon and lipids etc. Indigestive substance It does not have a special anus to expel the indigestible matter. The undigested food (food non-special) is thrown out from any place of the body. This process is called Egestion.

amoeba eat its food Endocytosis It does this by method. The pods of amoeba perform the function of catching and swallowing food. The edible micro-organisms of the amoeba get trapped in the food vacuole by the digestive juices. are converted into parts and the thus digested food is slowly absorbed which is used for the growth, maintenance and reproduction of the amoeba. The undigested waste is excreted through the food chain.

Amoeba makes its diet on micro-organisms found in water. It absorbs its food from any surface through pseudopodia, false feet. When the food item comes in contact with it, it surrounds it with its pseudopods and it does it through a cup-like structure, which is called food or vacuole.

In this way the food material is sealed in a sac inside the cell. Digestion of food from the intracellular digestive system takes place in the food chain with the help of enzymes. The digested food gets absorbed into the cell fluid by diffusion process which is called assimilation. The food that is not digested passes out through the bodily surface. This is called external projection.

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