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How many types of angles are there?

There are different types of angles depending on the measurement, An angle is formed when two rays or lines intersect at a point. Types of angles are classified on the basis of various factors such as the way they are measured or rotated. Keeping these facts in mind, the types of angles on the basis of measurement are acute angle, obtuse angle, right angle, right angle, absolute angle of rotation, reflex angle. Depending on the rotation, the types of angles are classified as positive and negative angles.

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What is angle?

“Bending or curving between two lines or rays” Angle it is said. other words: An angle is a figure formed by two rays, called the sides of the angle, that share a common endpoint, called the vertex of the angle. The angles formed by two rays are in the plane in which the rays lie. The angles formed by the intersection of two planes are also

type of angle

  • acute angle
  • Obtuse angle
  • zero angle
  • Right angle
  • simple angle
  • wide angle
  • straight angle
  • full angle
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In the type of angle bedded ( kaun ke prakar in hindi)

1. Acute angle

an angle whose value more than 0 degree and less than 90 degree happens, he acute angle it is said. 90 se kam kaun ko nyoon kon kahate hain.

2. obtuse angle

an angle whose value more than 90 degree and less than 180 degree happens, he Obtuse angle it is said. Obtuse angle more than 90 degree and less than 180 degree belongs to

3. Zero angle

an angle whose value 0 degree happens, he zero angle it is said.

4. Right angle

an angle whose value 90 degrees happens, right angles 90 degrees belongs to him Right angle it is said.

5. Simple Angles

an angle whose value 180 degree happens, he simple angle it is said.

6. Wide angle

an angle whose value More than 180 degrees and less than 360 degrees happens, he wide angle it is said.

7. straight angle

such an angle that the two lines forming it are on opposite sides of each other, straight angle It is called

8. Perfect Angle

an angle whose value 360 degree happens, he full angle it is said.

What is an angle pair?

When two angles are added together, then angle pair is constructed. These are as follows-

1. Complementary angle

when two angles sum of 90 degrees if so, he complementary angle it is said.

2. Complementary angle

When the sum or sum of two angles 180 degree if so, he supplementary angle it is said.

3. Enclosed angle

This adjacent angle It is also said that when the vertices of two angles and one side are in common, then it is called attached angle it is said.

4. Linear pair

If a pair of adjacent angles is supplementary, then linear pair it is said.

5. Vertically opposite angle

When two sides intersect each other, and the two angles formed do not have common sides.

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