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How many types of mouse are there?

It can be seen mainly in four types, out of which- Mechanical mouse, Optical mouse, trackball mouse, stylish mouse etc. comes.


Apart from this, wired mouse and wireless mouse also come in other types of mouse. The mouse that was used in the past was Mechanical Mouse It used to be. Detailed information about its types is given below.

How many types of mouse are there?

Its types are described in detail below as follows-

1.Mechanical Mouse

invention of mouse 1972 In Bill English was did. this type of mouse ball mouse Also known as. to this ball mouse So called because in which a ball was used for instructions.

On moving this type of mouse, a ball attached to it also used to move or move, due to which the computer was used by the mouse. Cursor Moves were also made and other instructions were given at the same time.

In the past this type of mouse was used more. But nowadays or in the present time it is not being used much because it is expected in the market. Good quality and advanced features There are icons available which are being used more.

2.Optical Mouse

This type of mouse is somewhat different from a mechanical mouse. The way a ball is used in a mechanical mouse, in the same way a ball is used instead of a ball. LED is used.

Friends, you must have seen this type of mouse. When using this type of mouse, Red LED It burns in this type of mouse optical electronics is used.

With the help of optical electronics Mouse position and movement track is done.

3.trackball mouse

These types of mouse are of very advanced technology. The look or appearance of this mouse is similar to the commonly used mouse. One to move the Courser in this track ball is used.

This track ball is operated with the help of thumb. This type of mouse cannot be used by a normal user. This is because using this mouse is a bit difficult as compared to others.

You will not see much of this mouse because it is used for some special work.

4. Stylus Mouse

Friends, the way a stylus is given in some expensive and flagship smartphone. The exact same type of stylus has a mouse. Actually it is a mouse like a pen. Stylus Pen it happens.

Just as a normal mouse has the necessary buttons, in the same way it also has buttons. This type of mouse works wirelessly.

Friends, At present, any laptop with touch screen or computer Come, this type of mouse is used in them.

Types of Mouse Based on Wireless and Wired

These are as follows-

1.Wireless Mouse

Mouse, which does not use wire or wire at all, is called Wireless Mouse it is said.

No type of mouse can be used in this type of mouse. this type of mouse A wireless technology for data transfer and connecting to a computer is used.

It consists of a mouse with no wires and a receiver is provided, which you have to plug in the computer, there is no problem with the wiring. Because it does not have wires, it cannot draw power from computers, for which they have their own batteries, due to which they are heavy in weight, and also need to be charged.

2.Wired Mouse

Such mouse, which use wire to connect to the computer, are called Wired Mouse it is said. Apart from this, his other name Corded Mouse Is.

This type of mouse is connected to the computer via USB cable. They get the power used in themselves from the computer. There is no battery of any kind attached to it.

Friends, if you like the information given by me or have told something wrong, then definitely tell by commenting.

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