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How many types of tool steel are there?

Tool steel is used to make tools because it is hard, it is resistant to abrasion.

In addition, tool steel has the ability to retain its shape at high temperatures. to increase its hardness Heat Treatment is done.

Tool Steel

Vanadium steel is added to make many grades of tool steel resistant to corrosion, and some grades of this steel are reduced to manganese by a water-quenching process to reduce the chance of cracking. Tools made of tool steel, which do not have to reduce manganese, are quenched in oil.

Grades of Tool Steel

Tool steel is divided into six grades, which are as follows-

1.Air Hardening (A-Grades)

Steels of this grade Machinability, toughness and wear resistance There are other qualities. so that the high chromium content makes them heat treatment Allows less distortion during

in applications Arbor, Blanking, Coining, Die Bending, Cold Forming, Cold Swaying, Lamination, Chipper Knife, Gauge, Cold Shear Knife and Lathe Knife Are included.

2.D Type (D-Grades)

Steels in these grades are designed for abrasion resistance. this steel Air-Harded and their applications include forging and drawing dies.

3.Hot-Working (H-Grades)

H – Grades Steels are used at high temperatures. These add to the low in carbon and high strength and hardness in the added alloys. Designed for extended exposure to high temperatures, its applications include Die Casting Core and Die, Hot Extrusion, Hot Forging, Hot Swaying, Hot Gripper, Hot Trimming, Hot Extrusion and Hot Shear Knife for Magnesium and Aluminum Are included.

4.Oil Hardening (O-Grades)

It is a general purpose tool steel. Steel of this grade should be oil quenched. friction and Toughness Because of its resistance to corrosion, steel is used for a wide range of applications.

in applications Arbors, Thread Cutting, Collets, Cold Trimming, Die Blanking, Drill Bushing, Cold Forming, Gauge, Knurling Tools Are included.

5.Shock resisting types (S-Grades)

These grades of steel have low carbon, so they have high impact toughness but do not resist abrasion well. They are used to withstand shock.

in applications Chisel Blacksmith, Battering Tools Tools, Chisel Working, Chuck Jaw, Clutch Parts, Collets Gripper, Cold and Hot Shears, Hot Swinging, Hot Trimming and Chipper Knife Are included.

6.Water Hardening (W-Grades)

Steels of this grade are high carbon steel. They cannot be used at high temperatures. This grade is the most common due to its low cost.

They can be made very hard, but are more brittle than other tool steels. They should be extinguished with water.

in applications Reamer, Cold Heading, Cutlery, Cutting Knife and tools are included.

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