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How old is the Copa in ITI?

COPA ITI is one of the best trades in ITI course. Full form or meaning of COPA Computer Operator and Programming Assistant it happens. connected to computer ITI trade 1 year during which the students are given basic computer internet and programming knowledge.

How old is the Copa in ITI?

this course one year of happens. within this one year you Basic Knowledge of Computer and Programming Language as well as Practical Knowledge is also given. You are given so much information within this 1 year, that you can easily get a job.


Copa Ka Full Form

Copa ka full form in english language ‘Computer Operator & Programming Assistant’ Is.

Minimum Qualification

you to enter 10th, 12th Must pass.

What will be taught in the Copa Course?

From its name itself, we get to know that the course which is this whole is connected to the computer. In this, we will be taught from Basic Knowledge of Computer to Programming.
In this we will be told about basic knowledge of computer, knowledge of internet.


  • fundamentals of computer
  • Data Entry
  • Basic Hardware and Software Concepts
  • Program development using the C & C++ programming language
  • Ms- Office
  • Presentation & Graphic Package
  • Use of Tally 8
  • Internet Browsing & E-mail
  • Basic Concept of Networking
  • Work Culture, Personality development Communication Skills.

Employment Option from Copa Trade

About it are as follows-

1.Assistant Programmer in Software development firms

You can get a job in software development after completing ITI from Copa Trade.

2.Internet Operator in Cyber ​​Cafe

You can open your own Cyber ​​Cafe after doing ITI. When you complete this course, then you will get a certificate from the government. Because of which no questions can arise on you.

3.Faculty Member or Lab assistant in Computer Institute or Schools

You can also get job in any school or institute. Because computer is used in both institute and school.

4.Computer Operator in Industry, Office

You can apply for office work in any company because all office work in companies is done by computer. You can also apply for a job in a computer manufacturing company.

5.Assistant to Service Engineer

You can also work as an engineer in a computer manufacturing company because you know programming language. Therefore, you can provide new software and hardware for the company, apart from upgrading the old software and hardware.

6.Sales Person in Hardware & Software firms

Friends, if you have good knowledge of hardware and software till you complete ITI from Copa Trade, then you can open your own shop. Where you can sell the computer and you can also develop and sell new software.

7.DTP Operator

A desktop publishing artist or artwork is a desktop publishing worker responsible for translating the work of art directors and graphic designers into digital files ready to be placed or placed online. A DTP operator is typically proficient in many computer design applications such as Adobe CS.

Self employment option

Friends, some people do not want to do job after completing Copa course, then they can do their own business which are as follows-

  1. You can teach computer courses to people by opening your own computer institute.
  2. You can open your own Cyber ​​Cafe & DTP Center after completion of Copa Course.
  3. You can buy and sell.
  4. You can do your own data processing jobs.
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