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How to find ITI registration number?

Friends, welcome to my website ITI Course.com, today you will get to learn, how to find ITI registration number? If you want to get your information, then read the post completely.

How to find ITI registration number?

Friends, you are currently doing ITI and due to some reason you have to registration number Is required.

You will meet the principal to get the registration number then you will know. But now you don’t have to go anywhere. you just your mobile phone from home NCVT Of Official Website You can go and take it out.

ITI Registration Number

For this, first you have to google NCVT MIS You have to search by writing. After this, you have to click on the first or top link in the search result.

Trainee Menu

After this you write in the menu bar above Trainee Click on menu. Then Trainee Four submenus of the menu will appear. which are as follows- Trainee Search, Trainee Profile, NAC Certificate Download, COE Certificate Download ect.


In the above image you are getting to see submenus. out of you Trainee Search Click on Submenu. Then another new interface will appear. Then you have to select the options given in it and click on Search.

Enter Search Criteria (How to find ITI Registration Number?)

Below it are given options, which have to be filled in the following way-


In this option, you have to fill the ITI from which you are doing the course. State is located in.

2.District District

In this option, you will have to fill, what is your ITI district is located in.

3.ITI Name

In this option you have to fill the name of your ITI. You can search even if you do not fill the name of ITI.

4.Exam System

In this option you will get two sub-options. one of annual and second semester it happens. From this you have to choose that your paper is going to be semester wise, then semester Select the option.

Trainee Search

If your paper is not happening once in a year i.e. semester wise, then you annual Select the


In this option you trade have to choose.


In this option you have to fill your gender. ie Male for Boys and Female for Girls


In this option you yes and no options will be available. You are doing ITI now. So you have to choose No option.

8.MIS ITI Code

In this option you have to enter the code of your ITI. If the code of ITI is not known, you can still search.

9.Academic Session

In this you have to fill in which year you have taken ITI admission or admission have taken.

10.Dual Mode

In this also Certified like yes and no options will appear. It is not necessary that it must be filled. You will know then that in my ITI profile Dual Mode yes or no is when you registration number You will search to get it.

11.Select Age

In this you have to choose your age, if you do not fill it. Still you can search.

after clicking on search

After this you will see all the related search results. From which you have to find your search result. in which you own registration number, name, I t i name other Information will also be given.

Note:- Before registration number R Will get written

1.When are the ITI forms out?

2. ITI Registration Number Required

It is needed to download your profile or admit card and marksheet.

Friends, if you need to know how to know ITI registration number? If you like the post then comment by doing Explain.

Link to extract registration number – NCVT MIS

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