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How to study for class 12th-

1-regular Regularly going to class and staying active:

It happens with every student that they like a class very much but some class is very boring. To become a topper, it is very important that you give full importance to every class. No matter how boring the class is. yes l

How to study for class 12th-

Maybe the teacher who is going to teach in the class comes to you already, so you find that class boring or maybe the teacher who teaches at a very slow speed, so you feel bored.


To become a topper, you should have good knowledge of time management. If you do not revise a chapter after reading it, then you will forget it after a few days. That is why it is very important to revise what you have studied from time to time.

preparation of any subject simultaneously sample Papers It is very important to apply. You will be able to solve the entire paper in the exam only if you have done a good practice of applying the paper first. Will not be able to solve the paper. Therefore, continuous practice and revision is very important to top the exam.

3-Make sure you have the right time to study,

Every person has a different body clock. If we relate it to studies, then in simple words, we can understand it in such a way that there is a time in 24 hours when our efficiency is at its peak. At this time when we do any work, we are able to do it better and better. Some people get up early in the morning to understand and remember more than reading. Whereas many people understand and remember better than reading at night. So before you start preparing for any exam, analyze your body clock.

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