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How to turn computer on or off?

Friends, if you do not have a computer, then you want to get information about it or you must be doing computer course. If you do not know how to turn on or off the computer, then through this post you will learn.


How do you turn on the computer?

Friends, there are mainly three ways to start the computer, which are as follows-

  • Main Supply to turn on the power.
  • CPU To turn on the power.
  • Monitor With the help of turning on the power.

How do you turn off the computer?

There are the following terms to close it, which are mentioned below, which are as follows-

  • the first computer Start button Click on
  • After that appear on the computer screen Turn off option Click on On clicking Turn off, the computer screen will be completely blank.
  • after so much work Switch off Monitor Do it. If you want to shut down the computer quickly, then you can directly CPU Switch off Do it and shut it down.
  • After switching off the CPU, if you have UPS If it is installed, then switch it off.
  • Finally you computer Main Supply Power from Switch off Do it

Menus that appear when the computer is turned off

When a window is shut down using the Start button, Start Menu With this two options come up- Shut down to turn off or log off also say. The detailed information about them is as follows-

Log off

Using this option, the computer remains on even after logging off. So anyone else can use it. If this option is used then the window will open a message box.

In which two options will appear. Out of which the name of one option will be shown as Switch user and the other option will be log off.

If the system is set for multiple users, the message box will show the option between logging off and cancel.

  1. if you Switch user On the computer then you will have to select the option of Welcome Screen will appear. But Windows will keep previous programs open as well and when New user log off then the window will go back to the open program and the screen will appear in the position left by the old user.
  2. if you log off When you select the option, Windows will save your work and settings. Apart from this, the Welcome Screen will be shown for the new user.

Turn off or Shut down

On selecting this option in the computer, it instructs the window to shut down. Whenever ‘Turn off Computer’ is selected, a message will be displayed and three options will be given to you. Which are as follows-

1.Stand By

If electrical energy is to be saved, then Stand By is selected, but keep the program open so that the work was left from where. It can be started again from there.

2.Turn off

This option closes all programs and windows of the computer. According to what the computer system is set on, Computer and Monitor Will also turn off. If it is not set up for this then a message box will appear informing that it is safe to turn off the power of your computer.


By clicking on this option, the window is left in its original position and the computer starts like a new computer.

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