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Important question and answer of autobiography lesson-

Why does the poet want to avoid writing an autobiography?

Answer: to the poet think That his life is not even great enough to be written about. They feel that in such a long history of such a large world, they are like a small particle about which it would be an exaggeration to say anything. They feel that they have a lot to achieve in life, so the time has not come to write an autobiography.

2- Why does the poet say this in the context of narrating an autobiography, ‘It is not even time’?

Answer: The poet feels that still he Destination But haven’t reached. This destination can be anything; Like to leave an indelible mark in the field of poetry. It can be said about the poet from this line that he had no idea that he was such a great poet.

3- What does the poet mean by making memory ‘patheya’?

Answer: In everyone’s life, there comes someone who acts as a source of inspiration for the whole life. Such a person has great importance in life. The source of such inspiration gives a goal to life, and gives self-confidence to put life into something worthwhile.

4- Where did I get that happiness, seeing the dream of which I woke up.
Coming in the embrace, he ran away smiling.

Answer: He never got as much as he had longed to get. That’s why they have nothing to tell the bright tales of life’s successes or achievements.

5- Whose in the beautiful shadow of Arun’s cupolas.
Anuragini used to take Usha in her sweetheart Madhumaya.

Answer: There was once someone whose face inspired the poet. Just as a new dawn exhorts a man to do his karma every day, so the poet’s inspiration used to exhort him to keep walking towards his goal.

Important question and answer of autobiography lesson

6-How to sing the bright ballad, sweet moonlit nights’ – What does the poet want to say through the statement?

Answer: The poet has some good and some bad memories. But the poet feels that he has not yet achieved such a thing that he should start boasting about himself.

Write the features of the poetic language of the poem ‘7-Autobiography’ with examples.

Answer: In this poem the poet has used Hindi. This is a poem written in the style of Chhayavaad. That’s why symbols are used extensively in this poem. The poet has made this poem interesting by describing the duality between dreams and realities in life. From this poem you cannot extract the direct meaning, rather you have to find the hidden meaning in every line.

Important question and answer of autobiography lesson

8- In what form has the poet expressed the happiness that the poet had dreamed of?

Answer: The poet has expressed the dream of his life as a heroine. The heroine who inspired him to move forward.

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