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Important questions of class 10 surdas text-

Question-1.What is the sarcasm inherent in the gopis calling Uddhava lucky?

Answer –The gopis are really unlucky to Uddhav. admit Is. But she sarcastically calls him lucky. Because Uddhava could not be bound by his beauty and love even though he was in the company of Krishna. There was no affection for Krishna in his heart at all. That is why the pleasant feeling that comes in the mind by being tied in the bond of love. He is completely unfamiliar with it.

Important questions of class 10 surdas text

Question-2. With whom has Uddhav’s behavior been compared?

Answer –The Gopis compared Uddhava’s behavior with the following.

1. The gopis compared Uddhava’s behavior to that of a lotus leaf, which is not affected by water even though it is in water.

2. The Gopis also compared the behavior of Uddhava with that of a pot of oil kept in water. On which not even a drop of water can stand.

Question 3,Through which examples have the gopis allowed Uddhava to scold?

Answer- The Gopis have given Uddhav a ridicule through the following examples –

(1) Lotus leaves which remain free from the influence of water even though it is in the water of the river.
(2) A pot of oil placed in the middle of the water, on which even a drop of water could stand.
(3) Bitter cucumber which is eaten does not come down from the throat.
(4) Uddhava is devoid of influence even after dipping his feet in the river of love.

Question 4, How did the message of yoga given by the gopis act as ghee in the dissolution of the gopis?

Answer- The gopis are spending every moment of their life waiting for this day that Shri Krishna has gone with a promise to meet us. She is sitting waiting that Shri Krishna will understand her separation, understand her love and satisfy her unsatisfied mind with his darshan. But here everything is reversed. Shri Krishna has forgotten him by going to Dwarka.

They have neither knowledge of their pain nor the sorrow of their separation. Rather, Uddhava has been sent to explain to him, who is giving him a speech to do yoga sadhna, leaving the love of Shri Krishna. It is not reducing their sorrow, but is burning them further by doing the work of ghee in the Virahagni burning in their heart.

Important questions of class 10 surdas text

Question 5- Which one is not being talked about through ‘Marzada Na Lahi’?

Answer- The gopis had never revealed their love to anyone. She calmly waited for Shri Krishna to return. No one could understand his grief. She was silently tolerating the separation, wrapped in her limits, that she loves Shri Krishna. But this Uddhav’s yoga message has forced him to speak leaving his dignity. That is, what only he knew, today everyone will know.

Question 6- How have the gopis expressed their exclusive love for Krishna?

Answer- The gopis have expressed their exclusive love for Krishna through the following examples –
(1) He has compared himself with ants and Shri Krishna with jaggery. According to them, Shri Krishna is like a jaggery on which ants are stuck. (Gur chanti jun pagi)
(2) He has described himself as the Haril bird and Shri Krishna like a wood, just as the Haril bird does not leave the wood, in the same way, he has firmly grasped the love of Shri Krishna with his mind, sequence and words. (Our Haril ki Lakri, mind sequence of words Nand-Nandan Ur, make it firm)
(3) She keeps on chanting only the name of Shri Krishna while sleeping and waking up night and day in the love of Shri Krishna. (Jagat sovat dream day-nisi, kanh-kanh jak ri.)

Question-7.How have the gopis asked Uddhav to teach yoga to the people?

Answer-Actually Uddhav preaches “concentration of mind” in his yoga message. That is why the gopis ask him to go and give this yoga message to those people whose mind is fickle and is always running here and there.

Our mind is already concentrated in the exclusive love of Krishna. That is why they do not need this yoga message. According to the gopis, Uddhav should pass this yoga message to those people whose mind is fickle and always wanders here and there.

Question 8- Explain the attitude of the gopis towards yoga-sadhana on the basis of the verses presented.

Answer –

The gopis have called yoga practice meaningless. She says that yoga practice is for those people whose mind is not stable. And the mind of the gopis has become concentrated in the love of Krishna. And they are now completely immersed in his devotion. That is why the knowledge of yoga practice is useless for the gopis.

For the gopis, the message of this yoga practice is like a bitter cucumber, which is difficult for them to eat. This message of yoga practice for the gopis is like a disease. Which he had never heard or seen before.

Important questions of class 10 surdas text

Question – 9. What should be the religion of the king according to the gopis?

Answer According to the gopis, the royal dharma of a king is to take care of the interests of his subjects and protect them in every way. Not to torture them.

Question-10. What such changes did the gopis see in Krishna, due to which they talk about getting their mind back?

Answer According to the gopis, Shri Krishna has learned politics by going to Dwarka. And due to reading big books, his intelligence has increased further. Due to which he has become smarter than before. Earlier he used to understand the dignity of love and used to repay love with love only. But now he has also forgotten the dignity of love.

The gopis say that earlier Krishna used to think only about the welfare and welfare of others and liberates people from injustice and tyranny. But now forgetting all this, he started thinking only about himself.

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